3 short unisex denim overalls (part for the males)

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Uploaded 10th Apr 2010 at 9:34 PM

And now i bring you the long-awaited overalls!
They are also very simple. In fact, i even used Maxis textures to make them. :P
I needed to make them because i wanted something really nerdy, really cute and really old-looking, like a schoolboys uniform for an adult male.
And then i invented THIS - outfit that looks like clothes from old menswear catalogue. In particular, this time i was inspired by 70s - early 80s fashion, which was a mix of cute, racy, nerdy and quirky - exactly what i need.
It is actually sportwear, because it suits sports more than everyday fashion.
So this is also an outfit of a vintage sportsman (as i imagine it ^_^').
All lovers of thrift-store fashion will love this. Next time i will bring you the part for the females with same textures.

P.S. If you are against your sim looking a little gay, don`t download this. But, honestly, this is EXACTLY what all men, even straight, wore those days! I swear!
P.P.S. This picture doesnt look Sovietish (USSR-ish) on purpose. OK, it does. OK, it doesnt. It has nothing to do with the original upload, honestly. And this is just a "looking for birds" gesture. Actually i wanted to somehow connect this image to the Moscow Olympics theme...I failed. By the way, glasses in the picture are made by wonderful Tamo (http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=174332) and chapka (russian hat) is by Bipsouille (http://sites.estvideo.net/bipsouille.sims/)

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Clothing Type: Everyday Athletic
Clothing Style: No Style
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

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