OFB Startup Scrolls For Ambitions

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Uploaded 15th Jun 2010 at 10:17 PM · Updated 18th Jun 2010 at 9:37 PM by joninmobile

Someone gave me the idea to do new startup scrolls for Ambitions a while back, and I just remembered today. This mod is great for those of you who have been simming since Sims 2 early days, and have fond memories of The Sims 2 OFB Startup Scrolls. If you would like to put your own cute or funny sayings in there, and want it to work with Ambitions, now you can as well. It's very easy to make your own startup scrolls based off of mine, you should keep in mind though, that they will only work for the EP (or SP) you are making them from. They will not work in other games. How to edit my startup scroll is open this .package in s3pe, then click on edit STBL at the bottom. Search for the startup scrolls, they are usually near the bottom, Then you can enter whatever text you want, then click once to the old text on the left side of the screen to activate, then click save, and then file/save, or file/save as at the top of S3PE screen.

The way I made this particular startup scroll, for those of you who would like to try when a later EP is released, is I opened the full build from the Ambitions folder in gameplay data. (Program Files/Electronic Arts/Ambitions (or the EP you want to do)/Game Data/Shared/Packages/Full Build). Then extract the STBL, import from file the extracted STBL, then edit the STBL (best if you maximize the window) then search for the startup scrolls, Do Not Delete Anything There, If You Do, It Will Erase All Text Except For The Startup Scrolls! and edit them like I explained above.

I fixed it so it wont' erase all text in Ambitions except for the startup scrolls, please redownload.

This will conflict with any mod that changes the startup scrolls for Ambitions.

Here's the New (Old from OFB) Startup Scrolls:

Disgruntling Employees
Managing Managers' Managers
Configuring Lemony Squeezation
Preparing Bacon for Homeward Transportation
Reticulating Splines For Sale: §2000
Mitigating Time-Stream Discontinuities
Loading First Batch Metrics
Initializing Forth-Rallying Protocol
Neutralizing Shuriken Oxidation
Roof = Roof (1/3*pi*r^2*h)


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