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L'Amour is dedicated to Fae, Mi amor.
I really wanted to build something with an open-floor New York loft style. L'Amour is an open studio with one bathroom. This lot is a 20x25 and its best if you put in near the riverbanks for the best amazing views. Enjoy

---The Custom Content---:
Column By Susan: Found Here
Tube Lights By Susan: Found Here
Laundry-Soap&Brush By aroundthesims3:Found Here
Laundry-Detergent01 By aroundthesims3: Found Here
Laundry-Detergent02 By aroundthesims3:Found Here
Laundry-Detergent05 By aroundthesims3:Found Here
Laundry-Iron By aroundthesims3:Found Here
Dining-Table By simcredibledesigns[The Frieden set]: Found Here
Dining-Chair By simcredibledesigns[Drink my wine set, one in the middle]: Found Here
OutDoor-Chair By simcredibledesigns [The Frieden set]: Found Here
OutDoor-Table By simcredibledesigns [The Frieden set]: Found Here
Audrey Painting by simpossible:Found Here
Orinetal Painting by simpossible:Found Here
ShadesPainting by Desdren:Found Here Mesh Here:
Wine & Glasses By Desdren:Found Here
GarageClutter By FreshPrince: Found Here
ComputerChair By Aphrodite: Found Here
Sink By Schnuffi1982: Found Here
BathroomPainting By dorosimfan1: Found Here
Shelves by Jynx: Found Here
Shrubs By TheJim07:Found Here
Sims2Bonvonage By Purplepaws:Found Here
HalfWalls By Flabaliki:Found Here
HappinessPainting By Me..I am not sure if it will be included with the lot so you can also find it here[I used the Still-Life Painting as its mesh.

----- Additional Thanks -----
To the of the creators from the sites above for their amazing stuff, I will not be able to do this lot without them.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 77,388
Lot Price Unfurnished:48,236

Number of bedrooms: Studio
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #Loft, #pad, #modern, #studio