Japanese Sleeves + backpiece

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Uploaded 3rd Aug 2010 at 2:03 AM · Updated 26th Jun 2012 at 9:28 AM by XJonasX

I decided to have a go at another japanese set, for you people, there are so much more things I'd like to make, but I can only do one at a time...

So I proudly present you an all new japanese tattoo skin!
Hope you like it!

It's an overlay recolor of socks, so it can be found at the bottem in the accessories.
It's not possibly to recolor ofcourse, but you can make them brighter/darker to you personal preferance. Might be needed to make it look good on lighter/darker skintones... Obviously these will not look good on very dark skintones.
I tested it and it doesn't stay on in the showers, I don't think a hack/mod is possible for this.... but it does stick in all other outfits, including the some of thework outfits that I've tested ...

Works for Young Adult, Adult & Elder males

Backpiece artwork by the amazing Judd Ripley.

This is my 6th Tattooskin upload for the sims3, I also have
1. Japanese Bodysuit
2. Old/Newschool bodysuit
3. Straight Edge Tattoos
4. Simish Vice Lords - Gang Ink
5. Color Tattoo For Females

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Accessory Type: Misc
Age: Teen Young Adult Adult
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Gender: Male

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