Jasper Whitlock Hale from Twilight Saga (created by Ellle)

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Uploaded 28th Aug 2010 at 11:51 AM · Updated 29th Aug 2010 at 11:38 PM by Ellle

As some people didn’t want Alice to be alone (so myself), I decided to create her husband – Jasper Whitlock Hale. This is the second vampire from Cullens I’ve made. He is smart, brave and loves Alice very much. So meet Jasper from Twilight Saga!

And if you want him to look like in these pics, you need to download the following content:


Default Skintone for body by Peggy here

Hair by Yagi here

Eyes and brows by me


Official top - my recolour of top from EA Store here

Jeans by Liana here


Awesome mod here

Ahmad’s facial sliders here
Cleft Chin Slider by TumTum Simolino here

Custom Content by Me:
- Eyes with small iris and pupil
- Male thin eyebrow

Additional Credits:
To all guys at the Creator Feedback Forum, to all the creators whose content I used making my Sim. Thanks a lot. And my dear Olesmit91 – you’re the great helper!

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