More Fresh Prince Vehicles for Community Lots *no longer needed* Buzzler's mod does it all!

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Uploaded 30th Aug 2010 at 2:12 AM · Updated 14th Jul 2011 at 6:58 AM by Winterhart : obsolete mod

This mod is no longer needed to have vehicles available on community lots. Buzzler's Build/Buy Restriction Choker mod makes everything available on both community and residential lots.

I did not make these vehicles. They belong to Fresh Prince.

I am very happy to have gotten his permission to make mods for his vehicles.
This not a single mod, it is 8 mods, 1 for each of Fresh Prince's vehicles.
They were made by editing the object files of each vehicle and is no bigger than 4 kb.

These are not stand alone mods. You must have Fresh Prince's vehicles also. If you
don't have them you will only get pretty pictures, and won't be able to place the

**How to use these mods**

1 .Choose the vehicle you want from the list of vehicles in the rar files.

2. Download that rar file

2. If you already have that vehicle in your game, skip to step 4

3. If you don't already have it, click on the vehicle in the list below to be taken to Fresh
Prince's download for the vehicle you want. (You must have his vehicle package for my mod
to work.)

3. Put the vehicle package in your packages folder.
(I have them in a separate folder for Fresh Prince's vehicles)

4. Locate the “CL” package that matches the vehicle package and put it in your packages

CL_2009 Ferrari California Final V3.rar
2009 Ferrari California Final V3.rar

Fresh Prince's Vehicles
2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10
2009 Ferrari California Final V3
2010 Ford Escape Hybrid
2010 Mercedes-Benz GL450
2011 Audi A7
1972 Plymouth Fury
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Set

These mods are compatible with all Expansion and Stuff Packs.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Fresh Prince for letting us play with his cars.
Thank you to the creators of s3pe.


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