Ken Carson: 1961

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Uploaded 5th Oct 2010 at 9:11 AM

Ever since I made my Barbie Roberts sim, I've gotten a lot of requests for her beau Ken. So, I made him!

The Ken Carson doll first appeared around 1961 and stirred up a lot of controversy. Parents were concerned that the doll might be too anatomically correct, so to remedy that, Ken originally came with molded shorts.

I tried my best to mock Ken's bodyshape but the extreme swimmer's bod looked too unnatural to me. So he's a little bit more rounded out than his plastic counterpart.

Ken's face in 1961 is very....effeminate in my opinion and took quite a bit of makeup to achieve. Because I used the opacity slider on some of his makeup, you'll need the 1.12 Base Game Patch or higher.




There's not much CC used on Ken. In fact, only 3 pieces were used total. However, there are a lot of slider hacks used to make his face sculpt and body shape.

Hacks Used:
-Some sort of slider hack. I use the slider hack that's part of AD85's "coremod" set found here.
-Jonha's Sliders
-Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4)

**Ken's face and body were altered extensively with custom sliders, without these sliders installed, the sim will *snap* out of shape whenever you try to alter him.

-Naughty and Nice (Non-Default/Naughty) by LadyFrontBum

-Contacts by Subaxi
-Lipstick 10 by Lemonleaf

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