Boardwalk Business

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This is a little business I loosely based on a Sims 1 business. It has a diner, clothing shop, novelty shop, arcade and icecream shop as well a beach, picnic area and swimable sea. There are items for toddlers too so you will have to find some way to get the little ones there.

You will also need to download these:

-Maylin- Tropical Beach-
and "Sunny Paradise" -
reica15 – hottub -
Big thank to HChangeri for taking the time to make this one easy downloadable file.

I have also included an extra download of a couple of my recolors of Maxis objects that for whatever reason would not attach themselves to the package of the lot. They are a tiki recolor of the Dragon table and a wood recolor of the diving board.

You may not need all the stuff packs I listed but since those are all the ones I have I listed them anyway.

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price: $168,920

Custom Content by Me:
- High chair recolor
- Becks Life Guard Chair recolor
- OutHouse recolor
- Wood Planks 4
- rednblue Decorative Beach Towel
- rednwhite Beach Ball
- rednwhite Beach Chair
- rednwhite Beach Lounge Chair
- rednwhite Beach Parasol
- Almost Grass
- Wood Shingles

Custom Content Included:
- su7y by ruderalph
- BeachTowel by Atavera
- ToddlerFloorBlanket by Atavera
- Beach House Toy by Sandy
- candle by Sandy
- Beach House High Chair by Sandy
- Beach House Potty Chair by Sandy
- diverhelmet by Sandy
- shell by Sandy
- Cash Register by Sandy
- Baby Walker by rebecah
- Becks Life Guard Chair by rebecah
- Bench by worship4ever0227
- campfire by buntah
- hotdog stand by buntah
- beachcabana by buntah
- summercooler by buntah
- Closet Pole by Dr Pixel
- Closet Pole 2 by Dr Pixel
- outdoor Sink by Dr Pixel
- seashell Radio by Dr Pixel
- OutHouse by Dr Pixel
- sandpit by Echo
- fallen tree seat by Darylmarkloc
- Life Preserver by HystericalParoxysm
- Homey Touches Bistro Chair by sweetswami77
- Homey Touches Bistro Table by sweetswami77
- Homey Touches Kids Cafe Sign by sweetswami77
- candybox lolly flowers by Kate
- candybox lolly flowers large by Kate
- little rascals changing table by Kate
- mataine table lamp by Kate
- Waterfall shower by marvine at MTS2
- entry covers 1 by Phelana
- entry covers 2 by Phelana
- Picnic Table by worship4ever0227
- sandbox mould "turtle" by
- sand bucket by
- sandbox toys by
- cooler red by buntah
- Golden Sand by windkeeper
- Ocean Water by windkeeper
- DecoBoat by

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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