Meet Coworkers Faster

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Uploaded 27th Nov 2010 at 11:29 PM · Updated 17th Oct 2014 at 9:38 PM by Chicken0895

Have you ever noticed how it takes your sims ages to meet a single coworker? This is especially problematic with careers that require relationships with coworkers in order to advance. ButtKoWitz made a mod making your sims meet their peers faster (avalible here), but he has not logged on for a long time and the mod has become incompatible with later expansions and patches. So I made one (from scratch) with the same flavors, only compatible with LN.

This mod is compatabile with patch 1.67.

There are screen shots at the bottom of the page of two of my sims right before work and school, and again one or two hours into work and school.

The flavors are as follows:

(Only use one package at a time!)

Default time frame to meet a coworker is from 2-5 hours.

Filename: Chicken0895_Meet Coworkers Faster
Min time to meet someone: 20min
Max time to meet someone: 1 hour

Filename: Chicken0895_Meet Coworkers Faster2
Min: 40min
Max: 1.5 hours

Filename: Chicken0895_Meet Coworkers Faster3
Min: 1 hour
Max: 2 hours

Filename: Chicken0895_Meet Coworkers Faster4
Min: 1.5 hours
Max: 3.0 hours

Filename: Chicken0895_Meet Coworkers Faster5
Min: 2 hours
Max: 4 hours

Filename: Chicken0895_Meet Coworkers Faster6
Min: 20 min
Max: 5 hours

This is fully compatible with J.M. Pescado's awesome mod and any other core mods and story progression mods. This mod is not compatible with other mods that change the time it takes to meet coworkers (if that's not obvious I don't know what to tell you). Other than that it should be compatible with any other mod.

Additional Credits:
ButtKoWitz for original mod idea and flavors.