Vocal Music Major

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Want your sims to sing like canaries? Maybe be the next Simerican Idol? Maybe they should start by learning about their future career!

This major is a lot easier to use with this:
FrikaC's Majors Made Easier

Description: : The study of using your throat muscles to make strange sounds and getting paid for it.

Semester 1: Music Theory: Beyond C Major
Semester 2:Italian Classical: Falling in love with a lack of dipthongs
Semester 3:German Classical Music: How do I pronounce this?
Semester 4:Chorus: Learning not to sing over your peers
Semester 5: English Classical Music: I thought this would be easy!
Semester 6:Musical Theater: And all that Jazz!
Semester 7:Operatic Roles: Singing in Poofy Dresses
Semester 8:Fieldwork:Auditions, auditions, auditions

Related Careers: Show Business, Politics, Athletics
Primary Skill:Creativity
Secondary Skills: Charisma, Logic, Body

This is my first ever sims custom content so give me feedback!

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