Pastry Major

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Uploaded 21st Feb 2011 at 12:52 AM

Finally having a computer that can run SimPE, I decided to do something I've been wanting to do for a long while: make a university major for my sims.
I came up with the pastry major. A major on baking all sorts of delicious foods. It was inspired by my best friend Valerie, who loves baking all sorts of things and is actually studying something like this in real life.
The classes are:

-Respecting your kitchen: You will die if you misplace your spoons
-Ingredients for idiots: Remove the mixer from your batter before baking
-Cookies: Chocolate chip is not the only flavor
-Cupcakes: Varying with flavors from vanilla to cowplant.
-Chocolates: Little bundles of comfort
-Pastries: Crusts, fillings, toppings and love
-The Devil’s food: Convincing your customers pastries are healthy
-Wedding cakes: Combining everything you’ve learned into one giant calorie bomb

You'll need to get FrikaC's Majors made Easier, which you can get here:

It was cloned from the Art major, but has it's own GUID, so it doesn't override it. I've play-tested it and didn't encounter any errors.
The skill focuses are cooking, creativity, cleaning and charisma.
I made the icon myself.
It's the first custom content I've ever made, so I hope it's good enough for everybody here!

Additional Credits: SimPE - Which I used to make this
whiterider - For the awesome tutorial on making majors
Valerie - For being my friend and inspiration <3

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