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Update, September 1st, 2011
Hello again.
I just wanted to inform dear simmers that I reuploaded my recols because I changed something in the .rar files. I reorganised the files and putted the recolors in folders so you don't have to search your whole Downloads folder when you want to erase my recolors, if you don't like them anymore. I just wish I realized how that organisation makes life much simpler.
Notice that there's no need for redownload, only if you want to.
Happy simming!

Hello folks!

I've seen a lot of people on MTS building wonderful schools and I wanted to build my own
I searched for nice whiteboards but the only one I found needed Nightlife EP(which I unfortunately don't have,I hope yet) from astondb9 . So,I made my own!

I made 4 recolors of painting ''Rainy Day Main Street''(picture available),which came in with the base game. It seemed for me like it's big enough and it actually doesn't look bad!

There are 4 recolors:

Whiteboard for Chemistry class,with the lesson ''Chemical Equations'':

Whiteboard for Math class,with lesson ''Equations'':

Whiteboard that was inspired by my classmates who does this to our whiteboard in school :D,I called it ''Crazy Whiteboard!'':

And the last one,clean,spotless whiteboard,just waiting to be used:

For,er,less intelligent people,which I doubt there are but you never know,this is just a decorative wall hanging,it does nothing.
I wrote everything in Simlish(fonts by SIMale from can be found HERE and HERE) and the letters aren't just scrambled on,I really wrote the real text which gladly gave to me (if someone wants a translation,I'll be more than happy to give it!).

I really look forward to the comments and I hope you're class will,as much as that is possible,enjoy learning from these whiteboards! Happy simming!

(P.S. I separated all files and I added a screenshots,just in case someone doesn't like all the whiteboards,but there's the .rar file named Whiteboards!_ALL_Nixxy245 which contains ALL these whiteboards.)

EDIT: If you would like to see more of these but with other subjects,just type it down in 'Comments' section,I'll gladly see what can I do for you!

Additional Credits:
Thank you creators of Wizard of SimPE Thank you SIMale from for Comic Sans style Simlish font and normal Simlish font(which I used in ''Equations Whiteboard'' for numbers)
Thank you for very useful informations!

Style: Modern Childrens
Room: Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #whiteboard, #school, #classroom, #math, #chemistry