AL Double Eloquence Door Recolors

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Uploaded 23rd Nov 2011 at 3:08 AM · Updated 22nd Nov 2011 at 10:20 PM by iCad

So, Leesester asked if I'd recolored this door. (At least, I think this is the door she meant; the AL "Socialite" door. If not...Ooops.) And indeed I had recolored it already. So, I fired up the game in order to take pics and such to prepare it for uploading...and then I decided that I just didn't like what I had done with it at all. I'd simply recolored EAxis's textures flat-out, and they had created the textures such that everything on the door was the same color, from the frame to the hardware(!) to the decorative curlicue thingies on the glass insets. That, along with the flat, sort-of-metal-y not-graininess of the frame and the door panels themselves, just wasn't doing it for me in wood colors. I think the thing should be wood with brass trim. So, that's what I made it be, dammit!

It took me many hours to make it happen, mind you. (But that's OK; doing that sort of thing is what I call "fun," believe it or not. ) The texture image for this thing is rather...uh, cryptic, at least to me. It took me forever to find the stupid little square bit where the handle attaches to the metal plate behind it. And then it took further trials and lots of error to make all the newly metal bits matchy enough in the game's lighting. But I think in the end it was all worth it, because this is what this sucker looks like now, with all 20 wood color options:

Me likes much better now. It's actually a very pretty door, IMO, but the EAxis textures are stupid, particularly because, as usual, they match absolutely nothing. (But now they match lots of stuff! At least, lots of stuff that I've made. ) Now, the only thing that bugs me about it is that there's a lock on the one door but not on the other. It looks dumb, especially because the "naked" door has the shadow for the lock because both sides use the same bit of the texture for the plate. :/ Unfortunately, I have zero meshing ability because I'm just a hack Photoshop monkey, so I can't fix that particular issue. But if there's an enterprising person out there who could fix it, that'd make me a very happy obsessive weirdo.

Leesester made some very nice single-tile versions of this door. I've linked to the set on the Related Pages tab. Honestly, I don't know how these will look on those...because I just downloaded her completer sets today. (Before, I didn't use this door much 'cuz I thought it was ugly and the stone pediment windows didn't generally fit my building style...but I might use both the windows and the door now to build something very grand. ) But anyway, I don't know (yet!) if these will look crappy on her extras. If they do...I'm so sorry!

Oh! The metal bits I added, the hardware and the strip toward the bottom of the door, will show on the inside of the door, too, but the curlicues don't. Maxis made it such that the door only has curlicues on the outside, and that's another thing I have not the know-how to change, if it's possible to do so.

And finally! I'm thinking I might make a version of this with "wrought iron" trim and maybe another with a steely silvery kind of "metal." I could share such a thing if there's interest. Just be aware that that would mean you'd have a total of up to 60 recolors of this door, since the parts I made metal aren't actually recolorable and are just the result of me dissecting the stupid texture image and figuring out what bit of it goes where on the fully-rendered door. But let me know if there's interest in other "metal" colors because if there is, I'll certainly share 'em when I make 'em.

Anyway, there she is. As always, the files are pre-Compressorized and are clearly named so that you can more easily trash the colors you don't want. I hope that you might find this useful.

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