Lambert Place

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We're proud to offer your Sims the chance for a slice of aristocratic living.

Lambert Place has been owned and expanded by the Lambert family since the 14th century. Having squandered away the family fortunes (drink, gambling, loose women, llama-skin coats), the family have taken the opportunity to divide the family home into flats. This tasteful development includes a small pool and gym area, as well as immaculate grounds

Flat 1 - $2,900 per week

This property is located in the oldest part of the house, and comprises of a 3 bedroom duplex, including 2 bathrooms with a beautiful open-plan living space full of period features

Flat 2 - $3,912

This ground floor apartment sits on the south side of the property, and offers stunning living space and two bedrooms and bathrooms.

Flat 3 - $3412

The first floor apartment is in the house's former Drawing Room, and has beautiful feature windows overlooking the terraces. Accommodation comprises an open plan kitchen/dining/living space, 3 bedrooms, a family bathroom and a further en-suite bathroom

Flat 4 - $2,705

Accommodation comprises an open plan living room/kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a family bathroom. A small balcony opens off the Master Bedroom.

Flat 5 - $1,909

This flat is in the oldest part of the building, and is on the top floor of the medieval tower. Accommodation comprises an open plan living room/kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a family bathroom.

Custom Content required but not included;

Modern Gerogian Manor Set by phoenix_phaerie

Modern Georgain Manor Add-ons by phoenix_phaerie

Manor House Collection; Garden by phoenix_phaerie

Maxis Art Nouveau Open Underneath *Recolourable* Modular Stairs by HugeLunatic

Thanks to the talented people who made all the CC I used!

Hope you enjoy this lot, I never end up using bigger houses, so I thought to turn them into apartments.

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 549,277

Custom Content Included:
- Classic window with peak pediment by Marina
- Classic window witn Round Pediment by Marina
- Classic Window with Round Pediment and Baluster by Marina
- Medieval Gothic Balustrade by Marina
- Cresent Arch Column by SimWardrobe
- UK1967_Medieval_Balustrade_1 by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Wall by UK1967
- Victorian Window by macarossi

Number of bedrooms: 5 or more
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable