*Summon Satan*-Added Fire 27.01.12

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Another spooky post by me :d This is something I created long long time ago,but never finished....until today. I'm presenting you -my podium for summoning
....As you know The Dark Ages were full of Devilish Sims,Witches and Fantasy Creatures....
Fortunately your sims won't summon anyone,they'll just have some fun&social 27.01.12-Added fire effect(will work only when summoning Satan). Redownload if you want to work with flames.
I remember the first time I tried to add effects-my sim bursted out in flames....Well If you're a monk and you summon the Devil maybe you should burn in flames >

*The mesh can be found in Hobbies/all, cost: 30
*Polycounts: FC:66 VC:177
*It includes two new animations-for teens/young adults/adults/elders and for kids(both genders)
*When teens/young adults/adults/elders use the object they'll have this option-"Summon Satan" Kids will have to walk their own path by "Summoning Faries"
*Link to see adult and kid animation
Lower quality:
*Note that their "Social and Fun" will increase by using this object

*This is how it looks

*Great thanks go to all of the lovely creators,milkshape plugins,SimPe creators and to my dear friend Meshy for testing it for me. Thanks to Numenor for his AnyGameStarter-the object has been tested and works fine with base game only.
The person who helped me with the special effect-maybesomethingdunno. Thank you !!!!!

Polygon Counts:
Polycounts: FC:66 VC:177

Additional Credits:
hair-by me
dress-by Zoej
hair and robe-by Aligeth

Magic circle -by Lethe_s
Walls/Floors -by sherahbim

Style: Antique
Room: Living Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #summon, #satan, #child, #adult, #animation, #objects, #podium, #medieval, #fun