Exercise Bike - game correction

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Uploaded 31st Jan 2012 at 5:32 AM

Did your sims use this bike absurdly addicted? Tsst, tsst! This is an equipment that we buy only to collect a little bit more dust in the room. Normally we resell it without use. Not sims, they use it as if it was the best thing in the world. Too much for my patience.
This package changes the behaviour the following way:
Sims cannot use it autonomously if their motive Comfort is less than almost full, or if they have full pot in body skill and are in a liveable lot. If it is you that command, well, then it is your responsibility. In a community lot, motives will decide the use.
The original code dropped the motive Energy. Nah, nah, this equipment is so boring that would drop your mood before your energy. I changed to drop comfort instead. It will also drop bladder to make it more boring.
Original code also didn't have any check to stop sims to use it, that is why they could die on it. The only check was the classical "Wait for Notify", that means, wait until the player decided to stop it.
Well, I added a check for sims physical and fisiologic condition at every movement, so now sims are able to stop self when any of their motives reach critical levels.
Now you can add the bike to your fitness center without concerns. It is anyway the only place people feel encouraged to use it!

Additional Credits:
I used TS2 and SimPE to make this mod.

Type: Fixed

Tags: #bike, #exercise bike