Danish Modern Dining in iCad's woods + chairs with slaved fabrics

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Uploaded 11th Feb 2012 at 10:19 PM

There are two parts to this set, and although I am using them together, you may use either one separately.

First, I slaved the seat cushion of the base game Zecutime Social Chair ("chairdiningdanishmodern") to Jonesi's bed blanket. Since there are a zillion recolors of that already out there, that means you can have a dining chair with a zillion recolors for the price of...not very much. Because the Maxis original had basically no shading to speak of on the cushion, this works great with no modifications.

Then, since the Maxis original colors were pretty bad (how many houses really need a bright orange wood chair?), I did some recolors in all twelve of iCad's fantastic furniture shades. I added some wood grain to the texture because the original was kind of...odd. For fun, I also recolored the FLATWÖUD dining table, which is known as "tablediningdanishmodern" in the game files and is presumably supposed to match. It's a great table already and I loved the original textures, but these match. I took the wood texture from the lightest existing recolor.

Then, just as an experiment, I stuck the Jonesi bed blanket fabric on the two chairs from the Loft dining set ("chairdiningloftoffice" and "chairdiningloftfork", also known as the Plasticity and Stark Inspiration Chairs). This does not work quite as perfectly as with the Zecutime chair, but with some textures it looks pretty good. Depending on what kind of recolors you already have installed, it may or may not be useful to you. You can sort of see from this comparison how it works:

Since iCad has already done an awesome recolor of the Loft set, these also match.

You can download the wood recolors or the slaved chairs or both. (The slaved chairs will not override the originals, so you can keep your existing recolors, too.) The slaved chairs pull files from the game for everything except the fabric, so they will use whatever wood recolors you already have. They should be base game compatible. All files have been compressed.

Obviously, there will not be much point in downloading the slaved chairs unless you also have Jonesi's bed blanket plus some recolors. I recommend that you start with this awesome set by mintcherry, which conveniently comes with the mesh included. You can also download the mesh, plus some more recolors, directly from Jonesi. I have not included the mesh here because 1-you probably already have it and 2-it is already available here on MTS. (Try searching for "blanket".)

Additional Credits:
The photos use iCad's wood floors, chair frame recolors, and windows in order to demonstrate the color matching.

All of the chairs pictured are using mintcherry's recolors of Jonesi's bed blanket.

All editing and such done in SimPE and the GIMP (thanks to iCad for GIMP-friendly colors!)

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