Airport / Landing strip & Hangar HD Texture Pack

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Uploaded 12th Aug 2013 at 2:48 PM · Updated 14th Aug 2013 at 5:08 PM by blennus

After finishing the Space Shuttle Assembly Building HD Texture, it made the horrible textures for nearby world objects even more noticeable, namely the "The Airport" in CAW, which is the Landing strip and attached Hangar. Well, lets say goodbye to pixelation and say hello to the HD texture pack for the Airport!

Now you can use it next to your shiny new Space Shuttle, to make your military complex complete!

Mod requirements
This file replaces airStrip_hangar_d_0x680e9c67b8101c82 so it will conflict with any other mod that replaces this file as well. The mesh itself is untouched.
You will need to have the Base game with any patch level. This is a simple DDS file override, so it is compatible with all future versions as well.

Additional Credits: S3OC for helping me find the darned texture, S3PE for yada yada, and Photoshop without which making HQ textures would be impossible.

Type: Other

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