This is Jack.

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He's just a regular guy; who also happens to be really funny.

I was having fun the other day searching the web for interesting faces... you know, like you do...
...when I came across a head shot of Jack Black.
It looked something like this:

I couldn't resist! Though this is not an exact look-alike of Jack Black, the inspiration for this sim came from him.

He's not in the best of shape, tending to be a bit on the chubby side. (He really enjoys his grilled cheeses.) His aspirations are popularity and money - and he's doing pretty well for himself, especially since he is currently on the 'Slacker' career track in my game.

Wouldn't you know, as soon as we started this photo shoot it started to rain. I told Jack to just have fun and ignore the camera. He did

"Best. Day. Ever!"

Custom Content by Me:
- JackBlack-ishSim

Custom Content Included:
- Eyes_YumedustAnva_chocolateGENETIC-Pooklet by Pooklet @ GoS
- Trapping - Beard 08 - Depth Charge by Trapping on LJ
- jessi-[deserveme]-four by Jessi_dot on Dreamwidth
- Nosolabial4 normal -by mb4 by MistyBlue @ MTS2
- Forehad anti-shine Normal - mb4 by MistyBlue @ MTS2
- EyeEFX_shadow-light by Sugarandcaffeine @ MTS2
- EyeEFX_Sclera_Pale-Anva by Anva @ MTS2
- FNosemask_20 by Corvidophile2 @ Sironasims (now in the graveyard)
- FaceEFX_Eye Bags light-Onah by Onah @ MTS2
- FaceEFX_Forehead Puckers light-Onah by Onah @ MTS2
- FaceEFX_Eyebags2-RSFacekit by RenSim on Dreamwidth
- Lips_BareExclusive by Nablia @ MTS2
- oepu-jirka-skin-2008 by PeachT @ GoS

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the creators of the wonderful enhancements used in making this sim. And for your generous share-friendly policies
The Sims 2 BodyShop
MTS2 for being such a wonderful place to share!

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