Simple Siding Add-On: Left/Right Edge

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Uploaded 23rd Oct 2014 at 11:45 PM · Updated 13th Nov 2014 at 10:21 PM by plasticbox

An add-on for the Maxis "Simple Siding" with an edge on both sides. This is useful for fixing the little hiccups that the game will produce when it tries to decide where to put the edges.

I would recommend to use these in conjunction with this override ("More Corners" for all of the Maxis siding -- less annoyingness to begin with). A similar add-on for the "Clapboard Crush" is available here.

Fig. 1: Argh!

Fig. 2: Fixed!

This is a regular custom wallpaper and thus won't conflict with anything. 12 colours (i.e. all of the defaults), 3 wall heights each. Found in the catalogue under "Siding", costs 4§ like its Maxis relatives.

S4PE / WallEz 1.0.2 / Hasher (Fogity) / / Notepad++