Professional Wrestling Career

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by nesleyswipes

You need the NRaas Careers Mod patched at 1.67 in order to run this career. Since the career utilizes the Fame metric, you also need Late Night.

Quick & Dirty Mod Info:

- Six custom career tones: Increase Workrate, Hang Out At Locker Room, Hang Out At Catering, Meet Wrestlers, Pitch Ideas To Boss, Sleep In Broom Closet
- Two custom skill tones: Practice Holds increases Athletic. Cut A Promo increases Charisma.
- Wrestler and Manager branches available at level 4
- Skills needed to advance are Athletic, Logic, Charisma, Handiness
- Uses Celebrity Level System
- Located at the Stadium Rabbithole
- No custom opportunities
- Custom outfits linked from Film, Music and Sports at select levels. Tested and working. You are strongly encouraged to select your own outfits!
- Translations welcomed and encouraged!

Job Offer:

Do you think you have what it takes to wrestle in front of thousands of rowdy fans? Step right up!

Career Levels and Descriptions

1. Smark

A lifelong fan of wrestling, you spend your nights talking product with fellow fans on forums and other social media. You do the occasional podcast in which you shape fan opinion about such topics as kayfabe, babyfaces, heels, heat, feuds, ring psychology, workrate and backstage politics. Ad revenue is meager, but it's the only way to get some income at this early stage in your career.
+ Charisma, Logic
Pay 15/hour
Hours: 6pm -11pm
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat ,Sun

2. Ring Crew

You have gotten yourself a job working at an indy wrestling fed, but you're as green as grass and they're not going to let you in the ring with anyone...not without paying your dues at least. In exchange for getting to train with the vets, you're going to have to earn your keep. Your job is to set up the ring before shows and dismantle it at night. Work a bit on your handiness and your logic to get these tasks accomplished quickly.
+ Handiness, Logic, Athletic
Pay: 25/hour
Hours: 4pm - 11pm
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri ,Sat

3. Wrestling School Student

Learn to take bumps and run the ropes during the day and at night, study classic matches that cover a variety of wrestling styles, including Japanese Strong Style and Mexican Lucha Libre. When you start working at the fed, you'll hardly get to use any of these during your early matches, but don't despair. You'll need to call on these moves when facing world-class, technically proficient wrestlers. Learn about what makes crowds boo the faces and cheer the heels, then do the opposite. Brush up on your ring psychology.
+ Logic, Athletic, Charisma
Pay: 25/hour
Hours: 2pm - 8pm
Mon, Tues, Wed ,Thur ,Fri

Branch Offer:

Now that you've graduated from wrestling school, it's time to decide. Would you rather step in the ring as a wrestler or taunt from the sidelines as a manager?

4. Jobber

No, no. The agent calls you "enhancement talent." Your job is to come out every night, sell every move like death and put the other guy over with the fans. Your matches are often throwaways that do little more than promote your opponent's feuds with other wrestlers. Collect your paycheck and do your job with a smile. Beef up your Athletic, Charisma and Fame to become popular with fans and you might find yourself moving up the ranks. Getting the higher ups to align your character with another wrestler to form a tag team, stable or faction might not be a bad idea.
+ Athletic, Charisma, Fame, Boss
Pay: 50/hr
Hours: 6pm - 12am
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

5. Generic Babyface

Despite (or in spite of) your previous incarnation as a jobber, you have managed to rally so much support among the fans that management decided to give you a feud of your own. Your matches now have a bit more substance to them, and you get to work extended feuds over a series of weeks leading up to the next pay per view. Perfect your five moves of doom to work the crowd into a lather during your comebacks. Work on your charisma to hold your own with the heels, but be sure to keep it clean. Soon enough, you'll find your name in a few signs out in the arena, as well as on some merch. Sweet!
+ Athletic, Charisma, Fame, Boss
Pay: 100/hour
Hours: 6pm - 12am
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

6. Heel

Now you get to have a bit more fun. Trash the hometown crowd's sports team, intelligence and hygiene and listen to the roar of the crowd calling for your head on a platter! Rip up a few signs, bully a few jobbers, punish the faces with your signature finishers. Shock the announcers into silence with your vicious deeds. Make the audience cheer for the face to kick your face in and send them home happy. Remember: the best heels tell the truth, so really ramp up the charisma. Keep working on your physique and your name recognition with fans to keep them buzzing about you until the next feud.
+ Athletic, Boss, Charisma, Fame
Pay: 150/hour
Hours: 6pm - 12am
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

7. Midcard Champion

Finally you've made it to the big leagues! The guys in the back believe in you enough to give you the strap. In the coming weeks, you'll be paired with guys you actually have a shot of winning against, with hot feuds that send the fans into a frenzy. Perfect your catchphrase for the crowd to chant along during your promos. Make sure you're in tip top shape to defend your title at any given day. Don't read the fanfic. No, seriously. Just don't. Keep your eyes on the prize and work your way up until you can go toe to toe with the company's top guy.
+ Athletic, Charisma, Fame, Boss
Hours: 6pm - 12am
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

8. World Champion

You're no longer working to beat the (wo)man, you are the (wo)man. You get to pick your opponents (in storyline, anyway) and get booked strongly against any and all comers for your title. As soon as your music hits, the crowd is on their feet, not for pee breaks, but cheering just for you! Don't disappoint them. You spend long hours promoting your title reign, lend your voice talent to toys, video games and cartoons. Your visage can be found on t-shirts, backpacks, mugs and posters. You're sent to do radio and talk shows to promote the night's event. Max out your charisma and keep in peak physical form to look good for the cameras. All eyes on you.
+ Athletic, Charisma, Fame, Boss
Hours: 4pm - 12am
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

9. Special Attraction

The years of constant traveling and wrestling are behind you, but you are still a huge deal. You get to pick who you want to work with (for real) in short term feuds that help establish front-runners as the face of the brand. Shoot B-rate action movies when you're not performing. Swoop in unannounced, recite catchphrases, wrestle in the biggest pay per views and build your profile. Keep working on your athleticism to stave off ring rust and keep your barbs sharp to match wits with opponents, present and future.
+ Athletic, Charisma, Logic, Fame
Hours: 8pm - 11pm
Mon, Tues, Fri

10. Hall Of Fame Wrestler

You've made it to the top! Behind the scenes, younger wrestlers seek out your wisdom and the honor of your presence as you regale them with stories of life on the road, your favorite feuds, your various championship reigns, and more importantly what they can do now to someday be just like you. You'll smile with fondness as you see these wrestlers come up through the ranks, taking bits and pieces of your moveset, mannerisms and catchphrases to make their own memorable characters. But mostly you'll smile thinking of the prestige and the ring you received on the night of your induction. Heel or face is no longer a factor; the crowds simply love you. Enjoy it, you've earned it.
Hours: 8pm - 11pm
Mon, Tues

4. Ring Announcer

Your job is pretty easy...not! Night after night, your job is to go out in front of the crowd of thousands in person (um, what city is this again?) and millions at home and try to keep straight the wrestler's names, billed weights, and places of origin. Every single night. You're going to need a fair amount of Logic to get through this assignment and a healthy dose of Charisma to get over your fear of public speaking.
+ Logic, Charisma
work: 5pm - 11pm
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

5. Backstage Interviewer

Here you get to show a bit more personality, but mostly your job is to ask pointed questions to get the wrestler or the manager to trash talk their opponents and discuss, in gory detail, what they plan to do upon getting them into the ring. You aren't expected to wrestle, but it's a good idea to work on your reaction time so you can quickly move out of the way when the other wrestler in the feud shows up for a little backstage melee before the big match.
+ Logic, Charisma, Athletic
work: 2pm - 7pm
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri

6. Heel Manager

In the company, you're gaining a rep as one of the best talkers on the roster, so you are put in charge of a younger talent. He's a dominant wrestler with a neck like a tree trunk and a vicious finisher, but can't talk his way out of a wet paper bag. Your job is to speak for him and make the crowd boo him out of the building every night. Don't forget to keep the heat on your guy and hone your way with words. Study the legendary managers like Martel, Sunny and Hart and try to come away with some idea of what made them great. Work on your athletic skills just in case a pissed off babyface comes looking for your guy but finds you instead.
+ Charisma, Athletic, Boss
work: 6pm - 11pm
Mon,Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

7. Play By Play Announcer

You're the straight guy in the announce booth. Keep working on your logic to remember the names of various holds, strikes, reversals, grapples, suplexes and submission maneuvers to keep the crowds at home interested and engaged in the match. Hold your own with the color commentator, but keep it clean.
+ Charisma, Logic, Boss
work: 4pm - 11pm
Mon ,Tues, Fri ,Sun

8. Color Commentator

Now you get to have a little fun. Poke fun at the babyfaces and even the play by play guy, but always, always be sure to tell the story of the match and the feud from the heel perspective. Your charisma will have to be at its peak in order to be able to infuriate the crowd at home and somehow be entertaining at the same time. You're no Bobby Heenan, but if you can piss off a crowd half as well as he could, you'll be on your way.
+ Charisma, Logic, Fame, Boss
work: 4pm - 11pm
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sun

9. Commissioner

In front of the camera, your job is to smile and wave at the booing crowd while you "create" handicap matches that the superman babyface seemingly cannot win, but will anyway in the last five minutes of the match after a heroic comeback. Backstage, you work closely with agents to develop talents, give your input on matches and feuds and report back to the company brass like the middle (wo)man you are. It's not the easiest job, but at least the pay is good.
+ Logic, Fame, Boss
Work: 6pm - 11pm
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

10. Hall of Fame Manager

You've made it to the top! Behind the scenes, up and coming managers seek out your wisdom and the honor of your presence as you regale them with stories of life on the road, your favorite feuds, your favorite promos, and more importantly what they can do now to someday be just like you. You'll smile with fondness as you see these talkers come up through the ranks, taking bits and pieces of your speech, mannerisms and catchphrases to make their own memorable characters. But mostly you'll smile thinking of the prestige and the ring you received on the night of your induction. Heel or face is no longer a factor; the crowds simply love you. Enjoy it, you've earned it.
Work: 8pm - 11pm
Mon, Tues

Additional Credits:
Twallan for Career Mod and the Mobster Career
Chain Reaction for guidance about career levels
The Fine Creators of S3PE Creon for the Custom Careers Tutorial!
Taylorb1000 for the University Professor Career
rspn99 for Modelling Career
My family for general support and encouragement.

Age: Adult Elder
Career Type: Realistic
Chance cards: None

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