Testers Wanted: *As requested* Bathroom Accessories Set *update 4/25/05*

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Uploaded 31st Mar 2005 at 9:48 AM · Updated 5th May 2005 at 3:42 PM by thefuzmixman

Hey peoples....

Polygon count has now been corrected. Everything posted should be the correct numbers. Just a note for all you modders. Watch out for programs that only count quads. Look for triangle counter MEL/Max scripts if you can.


Towel bar and recolors. I seperated stripes and plain colored, so you can choose what you want to download.



Matching soap dish + recolors. You can place them by pressing ctrl+shift+c then in the textbox at the top, type moveobjects on or you can boolprop it. Reply here if you don't know what that is.


Hey guys. I made this today. I was unsure if i wanted to submit it, but after i got the recolors done it matches well with everything else.


As per requested, A heated towel rail/warmer thing for loverat. It's moderately poly heavy so if it slows your game down, then KILL IT. :smash:

::::::BONUS UPDATE::::4/09/05

I didn't plan on making this but looks like i made it anyways. lol. I gave it a cool little metal germ guard so it kinda looks fancy. Place normally, but if you want to do as i did, moveobjects on, then boolprop. hope y'all dig it. yea, i made the both parts recolorable again... These all go together.


I present to you a bunch of junk to clutter your counters with. Ever try box modeling a razor? You should do it. You will learn new things... :nod: I only squeezed out a couple recolors because I ran out of stuff in my bathroom to look at. Place with moveobjects on, then boolprop to get them perfect. For those of you who use these codes alot like myself, you should add them to your userstartup.cheat like i did.


Here is that blowdryer i said i would make forever ago. Sorry for the wait. Place with moveobjects on. Not really meant for boolproping because of the cord. This is recolorable, but i have not made recolors yet.

-Modeled in 3DS Max
-Converted w/ Milkshape
-Imported with mts2 mesh tool (Delphy and Miche)
-Unique GUID/description
-EP compliant
-Towelbar/ 696 polys
-Towelring/ 2030 polys
-Soapdish/ 1296 polys
-Toothbrush/ 1276 polys
-Towelwarmer/ 4964 polys
-Tissueholder/ 2304 polys
-Bathroom clutter/ less then 1200 polys (each)
-Blowdryer/ 2090 polys
-Under Plumbing


Recolor policy: Simple. You can recolor everything here and post your recolors in the recolor section of this website. If you, however do not link me to your thread via PM i will contact your ISP and revoke your internet privilleges. I WILL ALSO DO THIS IF YOU ASK FOR zip FILES!!!!!!!!!! :mad: