Eco-Logical Apartments [with urban gardens] NO CC

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Good old rural communities never thought of enviromental friendliness - simply because life is ecological by nature.
But modern cities are different and our city Sims are nowadays quite concerned about balance and sustainability. Some have focused on alternatives for their daily lives - wearing natural fibres, recycling, and of course eating organic food.
So why not go a bit further and plant their own veggies?

City life. Apartments.
And private urban gardens in each of those apartments. Get the juicer ready for the tastiest fruit ever!

The building

As you may see this is a very modern looking apartment building which was created having one idea in mind: light.
Plenty of windows (and not a single curtain!) to let all the positive energy in. And of course to help your veggies grow healthy.

Each apartment has an interior vegetable garden.
But the exterior landscaping was kept extremely simple as it's meant to fit in an urban hood (which may have been built over concrete) so the only flowers and bushes you'll see are the ones the landlord located in very specific places.
(Note that the sand is not painted on the lot so you may fit this building on any type of terrain and it'll blend in.)

On top of the building you'll find a public recreative area where you may enjoy a drink or a hamburger, sun tan, splash in the hot tube... or stargaze. Hence the silly name of these apartments.
Beware of aliens though! :D

There are 2 apartments in each floor.
Both of them are decorated following a similar pattern which changes completely from one floor to another one. In higher floors apartments are smaller and are decorated in a simplier and cheaper way so they are much more affordable than the ones below.
Even those in the same floor are arranged in different ways (different number of bedrooms for example) so you may fit a variety of households here.

Known issues

While testing this lot I noticed that all the veggies planted on the 2nd floor and above look wrong. Sims actions and animations are right but the plants appear as floating in the air.
Everything seems to work alright but it's a visual annoyance. It may be fixed replacing default garden plots with mike_1102's Garden Plot Vertical Position Fix.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): §1,735 - §4,282

Additional Credits:
Fraps & Gimp
CatherineTCJD for telling me about the garden plot fix.

Number of bedrooms: 5 or more
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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