HiFi Plasmodo Flat Screen TV for Separate Surfaces

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Uploaded 17th Jun 2015 at 12:18 AM

So I got sick of the limited available TV stands built under the TV in game. There are really only two useable ones. The Artscreen TV that came with NL and the HiFi Plasmondo tv from base game.

The only wall mounted TV that doesn't look silly is 8,000 Simoleons! The WallVuu Standard...

The TVs that come with Stands don't always look like they belong in the room, I like matching stuffs... So I took the Hifi Plasmondo TV from Base Game and Edited the mesh to remove the stand, and placement assigned to almost ANYwhere.

I looked for some online but didn't really like the options, especially since creators don't allow with uploads, so I'm like MEH, I'll fuss with it myself.. .

All Counters, dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, drink bars, and desks can be used as a TV stand with this mesh. Oh, also, the floor will accept placement lol
Disclaimer: Anywhere meaning All surface categories, excluding picnic tables, display surfaces (such as wall shelves or bookshelves), and dressers.

Textures, recolors and the TV itself is the same as the HiFi Plasmodo TV, but with lower poly's because I removed the stand.

Price in Game is 250 Because EFF that expensive TV nonsense. If I can buy a 42" irl for less than a couple hundred US, I'm not going to let my sims break the bank in game.

That is all.

Polygon Counts:
Vertices: 975
Polygons: 705

Additional Credits: S3PE Milkshape 3D

Style: Contemporary Modern Ultra Modern
Room: Kitchen Living Dining Bedroom Nursery Bathroom Study Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #tv, #anywhere, #television, #any, #placement, #slots