Asian Fusion Themed Bedroom

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Uploaded 2nd Jul 2015 at 2:30 AM · Updated 2nd Jul 2015 at 12:18 PM by EmpathLunabella

(for Edification and the questions.. PRS stands for PersRealmsShadow my gallery ID LOL)
So I've been truddling away at getting some of the Asian themed items from Sims 3 swapped to Sims 4. With pieces from the Asian Fusion set, as well as a couple from World Adventures this is just the first steps in getting them all done. So I focused on getting a good bedroom set up and running from them. So without further ado, here is my set.

My example is a guest bedroom, conveniently NOT attached to your main house XD.

Or perhaps a small in home bedroom?

a few different floors to wander around on, guaranteed to be worn smooth so no splinters!

however you decide to do it, resting will be easy in the beautiful Asian Double bed.

Meshed Items - Bed/Chair/Table/TV/Loveseat/Dinner set sculpture/Dresser/Painting/lights and the TV :D

Asian Dinner Set – Decorations – Misc - 375
Asian Double Bed – Comfort - Beds - 750
Asian Fusion Wall Lantern – Lighting – Wall - 225
Chair of Equality – Comfort – Dining Chairs - 90
Dresser of Power – Storage – Dresser - 765
End Table of Time – Surface – End Table - 85
Loveseat of Prosperity – Comfort – Loveseat - 250
Table of Balance – Surfaces – Dining- 500
Television - Electronics – TVs - 3400
WA Asian Dresser – Storage – Dresser - 1190

Includes Shoji walls and Tatami floors (and a tatami wall because why not), both in "tile" style and a rug.

Anyway I hope you like this set

Polygon Counts:
Asian Dinner Set - High 574x458, Medium 442x329, low 331x240

Bed - High 2648x2028, Medium 1825x1374

Asian Fusion Painting Frame - High 640x362, Medium 443x233, low 240x142

Asian Fusion Wall Lantern - High 411x425, Medium 322x301, low 255x208

Chair of Equality - High 861x576, Medium 750x443, low 469x299

Dresser of Power - High 1149x706, Medium 928x567, low 769x468

End Table of Time - High 693x384, Medium 514x285, low 340x196

Loveseat of Prosperity - High 1357x1156, Medium 1130x841, low 925x605

Table of Balance - High 398x246, Medium 292x180, low 188x128

Television - High 1391x792, Medium 765x437

WA Asian Dresser - High - 849x594, medium 498x307

Additional Credits:
Delphy, who has weird encounters with rakes!
Sims4Studio (both the program and the people!)
EA for giving me the idea ^_^
The sims creation Chat here on MTS for urging me to do it right when it comes to credits

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