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[Upd for Blooming Rooms] RelPrint Console Cheats: Sims relationships in exact numbers

by todoabout Posted 27th Sep 2015 at 7:15 PM - Updated 10th Nov 2021 at 2:00 PM by todoabout : a minor update
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Nov 10, 2021: Version 4.01 of the mod.
Two minor fixes in this update:
  • Kids-to-Stuffed Toys rels are now properly displayed in wwrelprint.
  • Books are now excluded from wwrelprint statistics. As it turns out, the game registers N% of a book read by Sim as a Sim-to-book relationship of N points. It goes up to 100 when the book is fully read (100%). If a Sim is an avid reader, this info will quickly clutter the statistics with useless details (sometimes you can't even tell what book we're talking about), so I've decided to bypass this particular stat.
Tested & confirmed to work with Blooming Rooms Kit (technically works with anything from Cats & Dogs onward).

Aug 12, 2021: Version 4 of the mod!
It's good to be back! (Actually, the mod was working all that time, to my delight, but still).

A lot of new features, but first — if you're familiar with previous versions of the mod, please note a change:
now you HAVE to UNZIP the archive and put ts4script file in your /Mods/ folder.

Also, if you're looking for Sims with no first or last name, use # symbol instead of the missing part of a name. Let's say you're looking for Mayor Whiskers, a cat from Brindleton Bay. His first name is actually "Mayor Whiskers", and he doesn't have a last name at all. So for relprint cheat you refer to him as "Mayor Whiskers" #. Double quotes are for names with space in it, a hashtag is for missing name.

Now that we're all clear...

What's New
  • The feature update (and the biggest yet) is relationships with objects. By that I mean relationships with nearly or completely anything that can have relationships with your Sim, but isn't a Sim or a Pet itself. Talking toilets, rodents, dolphins, scarecrows — now you can have it in exact numbers, too! All Livestock animals from Cottage Living are supported. Just use wwrelprint cheat.
  • Built-in help. Type relprint help in your console to get a description of how to use the relprint cheat. Same goes for hhrelprint and wwrelprint.
  • Translation support. The mod now automatically switches its language according to your game settings! And then it disguises itself as a police box. Though most of the time it switches back to English, because so far I have only two translations (English and Russian). If you want to translate Relprint Console Cheats into another language, click here!
  • Recognizes 30+ types of objects, and some NPCs with technically weird names (such as Grim Reaper or Bonehilda).
  • Still supports any "selectable pets" mod.
  • Supports dolphins.
  • The inner code of the mod has been largely rewritten over past two weeks. So I won't be addressing old bugs of old versions. Please try the new version, and tell me if it works for you, I'd really like to have some feedback. If the new version doesn't work for you, I'll look for the possible solution. (Also, the description below has been rewritten as well).

What Is It For

In Sims games before The Sims 4, your Sims' relationships were automatically sorted in Relationships panel from the most to the least friendly. Several player challenges, like The Bachelor or my very own Thirty-One, actually require this feature to be playable. The Sims 4 has ditched this sorting practice, it's all random order now. My mod puts this feature back in the game in a form of a console cheat.

How to Install

Download and unzip the relprint_console_v4 archive.
Put relprint_console.ts4script in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods directory.
Since this is a script mod, you have to enable script mods in your game first: Game Options > Other > Script Mods: (toggle on).
Restart the game after that, and you should be good to go.

How to Use

This mod add three major console cheats to your game: relprint, hhrelprint, and wwrelprint.
To access them, press Shift-Ctrl-C while in Live mode (that opens your in-game console), and type the required cheat.
Here's how they go:

RelPrint: Relationship Print. Shows rel score between two given Sims
Syntax (what to type): relprint [Sim1] [Sim2] [f|r|b] [log]
Example: relprint John Doe Fannie Mae f
Toggle 1: f for Friendship score, r for Romantic score, or b for Both.
Toggle 2: log to output to log file and console, no toggle (default) to console output only.
Use double quotes around Sim's name if it contains space, or a single hashtag if Sim doesn't have either first or last name at all. Example: "Mayor Whiskers" #.
Type relprint help to get the help message in your game.
HHRelPrint: HouseHold Relationship Print. Shows rels of the active Sim to their household
Syntax: hhrelprint [r] [log]
Example: hhrelprint, hhrelprint r
Toggle 1: r to sort rels by Romantic score, no toggle (default) to sort rels by Friendship score.
Toggle 2: log to output to log file and console, no toggle (default) to console output only.
Type hhrelprint help to get the help message in your game.
WWRelPrint: WorldWide Relationship Print. Shows all rels of the active Sim
Syntax: wwrelprint [a|g|l|n|p] [r] [log]
Example: wwrelprint, wwrelprint l r log
Toggle 1:
a [or none] to display All non-null rels (default);
g to exclude Ghosts;
p to exclude Pets & animals;
n to show all rels, including Nulls;
l to show Living non-animals (so no ghosts, animals, or nulls).
Toggle 2: r to sort rels by Romantic score, no toggle (default) to sort rels by Friendship score.
Toggle 3: log to output to log file and console, no toggle (default) to console output only.
Type wwrelprint help to get the help message in your game.

Known Issues
  • If there's more than one Sim with the exact same name in the world, information regarding only the first matching one will be displayed by relprint.
  • Execute hhrelprint and wwrelprint cheat when the currently selected Sim is present on the currently loaded lot. Otherwise it may not work.
    If the Sim is away to another lot, click on his icon and select "Switch control to..." (Work and school are usually fine though).
  • If your Sim has a lot of relationships, wwrelprint may sometimes say: "The result is too long to be shown in the console". This is due to technical restrictions of the game, as it doesn't allow more than 1000 characters to be displayed in the console. Don't worry though, all your relationship statistic data is intact, it's just saved in a text file instead of console. The cheat should tell you where that file is (usually it's in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Logs directory). You can manually direct any of the three cheats to output their data to a text file, using the log toggle.
  • The Sims 4 uses non-fixed width font in the console, which means the columns of numbers would inevitably be a bit wonky-looking. Sorry about that. The log file version should look comparably neat.
  • If you encounter "[UNTRANSLATED]" (usually in a Sim-to-object relationship) or an empty string where a Sim's name should be (usually certain NPCs), contact me! I've tried my best to playtest all the possible objects, but I can't be sure I've got all of them. Once I'm aware of it, the issue is easily fixable on my side.

Technical Info
  • Version 4.01 was built and tested with game version, expected to work with any post-Cats & Dogs version of the game, but specifically updated for Blooming Rooms Kit.
    Version 4 was built and tested with game version, expected to work with any post-Cats & Dogs version of the game, but specifically updated for Cottage Living.
    Version 3 was built and tested with game version, supposed to work with any post-Get Famous version of the game.
    Version 2 was built and tested with game version, supposed to work with any version of the game from Cats & Dogs until Get Famous.
    Version 1 was built and tested with game version It's expected, however, to work with any pre-Cats & Dogs version of the game.
  • The mod doesn't override or affect any game resources, so it probably shouldn't conflict with other mods. It does write its own log files, but other than that it shouldn't affect any game files or saves, so it's unlikely to corrupt your game. Still, use cautiously and contact me if you encounter anything out of ordinary.
  • The cheats don't require "enabling testing cheats" first.

Additional Credits:
  • mgomez, scumbumbo, simalary44, lot51 for the Python help;
    Rest in peace, scumbumbo, I am always grateful and hope you had a very good life.
  • my dear friend iriko for proofreading.

Download files

Filename Size Downloads Date | Version 4.01, updated for Blooming Rooms Kit

Size: 11.3 KB · Downloads: 100 · 10th Nov 2021
11.3 KB 100 10th Nov 2021 | Version 4, updated for Cottage Livng

Size: 10.9 KB · Downloads: 345 · 13th Aug 2021
10.9 KB 345 13th Aug 2021 | Version 3, works for Get Famous

Size: 10.0 KB · Downloads: 6,933 · 27th Nov 2018
10.0 KB 6,933 27th Nov 2018 | Version 2, works for Cats-n-Dogs and until Get Famous

Size: 4.7 KB · Downloads: 2,287 · 4th Jan 2018
4.7 KB 2,287 4th Jan 2018 | Version 1, works until Cats-n-Dogs

Size: 4.4 KB · Downloads: 5,133 · 27th Sep 2015
4.4 KB 5,133 27th Sep 2015

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