Chiseled in Stone Pediment Fences

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Battlements, Crenellations, Pediments, all refer to the protective walls at the top of a castle or city wall... making it possible for your men at arms to defend.

I have yet to see peasant or pirate sims attack and overthrow their local king or duke.... but, you never know!

These are for my fellow simmers who like to build in a Medieval style...
Great for Castles, Universities and public buildings. If you are heavily into The Elderscrolls conversions, the Cyrodiil Castle pediment matches with their wall textures.

They are located in "Fences" at a very affordable 20 simoleons!
They are named:
"Chiseled in Stone Limestone Pediment ( 1,2 and 3)"
"Chiseled In Stone Cyrodiil Castle pediment" (that's the dark grey)
"Chiseled in Stone Limestone and Brick Pediment"


Polygon Counts:
144 faces/ 266 vertices

Additional Credits:
All credit and thanks go to Olemantinker for the original fence

Many thanks to the developers of SimPE and the modding community
A special thank you to MTS for giving us this forum to share our work
and thank you to EA Maxis for our Sims2

Style: Antique Fantasy
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #medieval, #Tudor, #Elizabethan, #Renaissance, #pediment, #battlement, #crenellation