Sledding Hill

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Sledding Hill, famous for family get-togethers, ice water fishing and sledding fun, has a winter surprise just for you.

Snow! Gobs of it for your Sims to stroll in, to play in. Not just on the ground or on the hill, but in the air! A multitude of delicate flakes suspended, waiting for you to run through them, to pose for wintery pictures in, to enjoy!

Stop in at the coffee shop and enjoy that down-home feeling that warms the heart and the toes. What could be better than a cup of steaming hot cocoa cradled in your hands as you gaze out at the snowflakes inside or on a rustic porch? Take in the beauty of the waning day and then step back inside for a parlor game or a game of darts. Play the bartender for the night and shower your friends with your own special drinks. Or sit back, put up your feet and be mellow.


Note: The floating snow is concentrated, for the most part, at the ground level where your Sims stand. There is also snow up on the top of the hill. The snow has been added in layers and at different angles to increase the feeling of a real snowfall. If you choose the unfurnished lot the floating snow won't be visible.

Note: Though the slope of the hill is not climbable, the hill itself is, allowing your SIm access to the peak for posing on the sled and taking pictures.

Note: If you want your Sim to pose on the sled alone or in a group you might want to try Sledding poses by Nerofsim - . As usual, for the poses to work you will need Andrews Pose Player and the Transport any Sim Mod. Both links can be found on the same page as the pose download.


Packs Used: Get Together, Spa Day, Backyard Stuff, Outdoor Retreat, Holiday Celebration, Dine Out, Get to Work.

CC Used:
Liberated Outdoor Retreat objects by Fran89 (rocks)
Atrui Go Through Rocks by Atrui at MTS (rock 6)
Christmas décor by Daeron
Snow on the Ground by Clown Confetti (low poly, in rocks)
Norvedem Sled by Kiolometro at TSR
Photo Walls and Floor By Auntielynd at MTS (white floor)
Snowflakes by ihelen (wall deco, scroll down to find link)
Olive Juice Wire Patio Set (outdoor light poles ) by Dot at TSR
Buyable Fishing Spots by Snaitf at MTS
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Snow and Ice Terrain Paint by Auntielynds (soft snow)
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Snowy Roof by 27Sonia27
Snow Wall Effect by Atrui at MTS
Neil Welliver Paintings by SImblances
(Mesh needed for Paintings ) Green Nature by Neferu at TSR
Ts2 to TS4 Retero Fireplace byLOolyharb1 at MTS

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 58,924
Lot Price (unfurnished): 31,232

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #snow, #winter, #park