Blend it for the win - Turtle Sweater Dresses Defaults

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Uploaded 21st Feb 2017 at 1:31 AM · Updated 7th Apr 2017 at 1:32 PM by Cheryl14 : Adding a custom version

First of all, the inspiration for this came from the amazing Nymphy here, I just choose more maxis matchy textures.

Default textures for those turtle sweater dresses, the ones with heels and the others with jacket and boots. There's two files crealy named MESH and TEXTURES inside the rar, the textures will replace maxis textures but not the mesh. You can have it with other meshes fixes or no mesh at all. The mesh is CatofEvilGenius work, I just delete the textures inside so is an stand alone mesh now. Go here for more info about it. It's more a fix than a change and will make this textures look nicer and exactly like the previews, but you can have the default textures without it or just the mesh alone. If you already have Cat defaults or another default for this dresses detele them before putting this files on your downloads. Cat's should be named: DEFAULTREPLACE_AF_bodyTurtleSweaterDress, files can conflict and your game may explode (not really, but is safer to just have one mesh replament, especially because is the same mesh!). The rest of the files: restored recolors, catalog edit and the fur coat default are totally fine to have. In fact, the restored files are specially recommended if you want to see all the dresses due to maxis hidding some of them.
Thank you very much to Cat for letting me shared her mesh. I can't imagine any use for this dresses without it.

Okay, so for the top I choose this tops from java, originals from Fashion Twist. I adjust them to fit the mesh and recolored them.
The skirts and shoes are maxis textures I think but grabbed this defaults by Artemida, so they also match with those skirts. Pretty sure I didn't touch the colors of the skirts but I did desaturate the shoes for the grey and black recolors.
The tights are the ones that CatofEvilGenius shared in her original post, please go there for more info about the meshes. I slighty recolored to match the colors.

Dress underneath is exactly the same as above.
Jacket and boots are from Aquilegia here, from a different default but they suited well with this one. I recolored them to fit the dresses: Brown for cream, dark blue for blue and black for red and grey.

So four colors: Cream, blue, grey and red, color matching with the orginals. Bumps replaced as well, but I make them very light cause I'm not a fan of excessive bumpmapping.
This recolors will not affect the blue dress from Nightlife (I think is in the same mesh?). Only the basegame ones are replaced.
I know the fur coat is also there but I'm okay with it so I didn't touch it.

Added custom version of these. They're are retextures of the maxis meshes so if you have a default that change the appereance of the meshes, this will not work properly. The dresses will show only for everyday and the jackets with boots will show as everyday and outwear (just in case you don't have Seasons). You can easily change the category throught Simpe. The colors are the same so no new pictures needed. Cat's defaults are recommended (or the standalone mesh in this post), even tho they should work without it. Files have been compressized.

Additional Credits:
Walls and floors in the previews are from the game.
The sim is a premade from the Freetime hood, Campana or Bell, I don't know exactly her name cause my game is in spanish.
Hair from Aparment Life.
Glasses from pinketamine here.
Skin is a default from Poppet here.
And eyes are originally by Phobia here, edited by me.
For the rest, Simpe, Photoshop, etc...

Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Clothing Type: Everyday Outerwear
Clothing Style: No Style
Other Type: Maternity
Maxis Flags: Default Replacement Maxis Fixed
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

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