Christy Adeyemi

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Do you even lift? Christy does and she'll make sure that you know about it! Her outspoken love of exercise and healthy living led her to start her to start her very own fitness and lifestyle blog. Two years, several followers and a book deal later and she's finally making a living doing what she loves best; promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping others to achieve it.

Christy has called Sunlit Tides home since her early teens, but she feels like she may (or may not, the choice is yours!) be ready for a change of scenery. She is looking forward to new surroundings, new people and a new challenge. Life is an adventure and she wants to live it to the fullest.


Loves the Outdoors


Autumn Salad

Custom Content

This sim is packaged as a .sim file with no additional CC. The following CC is required in order for the sim to appear as she does in the photo, but is not included in the file. She is packaged with a default skintone.

Eyelashes and Eyelash Sliders by SClub (required to appear as shown, but not included)
Eyebrows Defaults by SimpleLife (optional)
Skin by Kurasoberina (NSFW)
Eyes (default) by Ephemera (optional)
Teeth Defaults by me (optional)

Face Shine by Ephemera
Lips by IN3S

Sports Bra by Buckley
Romper by The Sims 3 Store
Pattern (Casual) by PixelJackpot
Pattern (Formal) by Peacemaker-ic

Sliders: (Required but not included in the file)
Eyeball Size and Sunken Eyeballs by OneEuroMutt
Chin to Neck by Heiret
Head Size by Jonha
Chin to Neck by Heiret
Waist Size by Jonha
Chin Bone Height by OneEuroMutt
Jaw Height Only by OneEuroMutt
Nose Tweak by OneEuroMutt
Cheekbone Depth by OneEuroMutt
Butt Mass by OneEuroMutt
Hip Width by OneEuroMutt
Butt/Waist Height by OneEuroMutt
Upper Lip Curve by OneEuroMutt
Breast Vertical Height by Delphy
Leg Width by Jonha
Upper Lip Corner Shape by Voices
Septum Width by aWT

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