New Painting: It's Not A Boy

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Uploaded 3rd Oct 2017 at 3:41 PM · Updated 3rd Oct 2017 at 3:05 PM by lientebollemeis

When the store runs out of a banner saying "It's A Girl" you have to be creative if you absolutely want such a banner. It's what Phoebe did in the series Friends when decorating the apartment for when Rachel and Emma got home from the hospital.
To create this I used a banner I found on the Internet and I used the word "Not" from a photo I found of that episode of Friends: The One Where Emma Cries. So it's Phoebe's handwriting you see on the wall hanging in The Sims.

I thought it would be a nice addition to the theme Maternity and Beyond.

This object is actually a clone from the Maxis painting: 'U-R-Here -n- We-R-Here' Poster
But I didn't change the GUID.
So if you just download this, it will be a recolor of the painting 'U-R-Here -n- We-R-Here' Poster. (The other recolors still work).
If you change the GUID (just don't upload it again), you'll have a new object.

The price, environment,... is still the same, but as this is a clone, you can change it as you like.
I didn't change the catalog description. It's still Maxis'.

As mentioned above you can change the details/make it a standalone object, but just for personal use. Don't upload it again with your changes.

Additional Credits:
Maxis: 'U-R-Here -n- We-R-Here' Poster


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