TNW's slaved "Hipster In Metal" barstool, now with recolorable frame

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Uploaded 24th Dec 2017 at 9:14 PM

A while back, TheNinthWave adapted the Hipster Metal Chair from NightLife into a matching barstool, and slaved it to the Maxis original. Since gabilei123 recently made the dining chair's frame recolorable, I thought it would be good for TNW's barstool to also have a recolorable frame. The frame was already a separate subset; all I did was make it recolorable and link it to gabilei123's CEP Extra for the dining chair. This means that the mesh will use any frame recolor made for gabilei123's Extra, but the frame will glow blue if the Extra is not installed.

Some of the recolors that TNW included with the barstool mesh have recolored frames, so I extracted the textures and TXMTs for those frames, and tweaked them into working recolor packages. The filenames are tagged to show which seat recolor they were taken from, but if you want the seat recolors themselves, you will need to download TNW's original set. I've also included a recolor package for the grey frame Michelle used in this set. Since gabilei123 added black end-caps to some recolors of the Hipster Metal Chair, I was able to use that texturing to add black and white end-caps to Michelle's frame, two of TNW's frames, and the two Maxis frames. Each frame set is in its own rar file. and each is pictured separately.

Seats in the screenshots are by gabilei123, TheNinthWave, Michelle, and Maxis.

Polygon Counts:
1272 faces / 986 vertices

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the original Hipster Metal Chair.
TheNinthWave, for making it into a barstool.
gabilei123, for making the Hipster Metal Chair's frame recolorable. and for adding end-caps to the legs.

Style: Retro
Room: Kitchen Dining
Maxis Flags: AddOn

Tags: #Vintage, #Retro, #Classic, #Hipster, #Metal, #Barstool, #Add-on