Antisocial Trait

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"Who needs people?"
Available for four ages: teen, young adult, adult, elder

Details of the trait
  • Trait Category: Emotional
  • Antisocial sims have a whim: to be Alone.
  • Antisocial sims aren't good with social skills. The multiplier value of Social Skills is 0.15.
  • Antisocial sims don't need to socialize very much! The decay value of Social need is 0.1.
  • Antisocial sims aren't good friends. The Friendship value increase at 0.2x rate.
  • Antisocial sims don't like other sims. The Mischief value increase at 2x rate.
  • Antisocial sims follow some commodities!
    -Act like Unflirty
    -Act like Loner
    -Act like HatesChildren
  • There are no custom buffs.

English (by me)
Other translations are welcome.

Only the base game is required to play.

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