Elias Qi'Zovikun

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Elias has always been curious when it came to science, especially that of the outer space. In the recent years, questionable "entities" frequently invade his dreams. Being a genius and believing nothing is without reason, he delves into further research of the rumored alien race. The more he finds out, the more suspicious everything becomes, including his own ancestry. Could Elias actually be a long lost descendant of the subjects he is researching? Armed with the genius, dare-devil and grumpy traits, he will no doubt uncover the truth of the simniverse and his own family. No alien jokes allowed.

Sliders used:

Chin to Neck

Ahmad's sliders

Jonha's Sliders

AWT's eye sliders (iris size only)
- The eye sliders require his eyeball mesh

Jasumi Lip Fat slider

Skin and Eyes:
Mcalero's Strawberry Skin (creator site not available)

BrntWaffles Ephemera eye edit

CC used:

Heiret's Eyebrows02 - included in zip file because her blog is no longer available.

Puchihouse Glasses Frameless

BrntWaffles Blueberry Nosemask

Ephemera Face Shine

JS Sims Lindy Hop Hair for Adult Male

Tsminh_3's Blush N2

Enless' Scruff

Pita's Unisex Glasses

Custom Content Included:
- Heiret's Eyebrows 02 by Heiret

-Puchihouse smooth face slider

Additional Credits:
Thank you to all creators!

Tags: #nerd, #male, #sim, #alien