Turles Crusher Corps. Career

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This career is based on the Dragon Ball series. Turles is a Saiyan who traveled with a band of others that are called the Turles Crusher Corps.. Their goal was to find a host planet that would be able to grow the Tree of Might. Anyone who eats the tree's fruit is supposed to become stronger.

Things That You Need:
This was created with version 1.67 so yours would need to match it or be higher.
nraas Careers Mod (If you're downloading the after school activity, you'll also need the Careers School module.))
World Adventures
Generations - For After School Activity

Future Updates:
Adding Opportunities - Done
Custom Uniforms
Retirement - Done

Military Base

Work Tones:
Business as Usual
Work Hard
Take It Easy
Meet Coworkers
Hang With Coworkers
Learn About the Tree of Might (Increases Gardening)
Use Company Gym (Increases Athletic)
Enroll In Martial Arts Course (Increases Martial Arts)
Research Crusher Corps. Strategies (Increases Logic)

Work Tone Descriptions:
Meet Coworkers:
You're going to be spending a lot of time with these people so you might as well introduce yourself.

Hang With Coworkers:
Chat with coworkers about the latest Tree of Might harvest.

Learn About the Tree of Might:
The Tree of Might is a very difficult tree to grow, if you read Turles' book, "The History of the Tree of Might", you might better understand how to take care of it.

Use Company Gym:
The Saiyan Army has allocated money to all of the branches so that each could build a gym. It would be a shame not to use it.

Enroll In Martial Arts Course:
After one of the Tree Guards was overpowered, martial arts courses have been setup. Enrolling can prevent the same form happening to you.

Research Crusher Corps. Strategies:
There have been plenty of Crusher Corps. members to do this before you. Research their strategies in the database so that you don't make the same mistakes.

Job Offer:
The Turles Crusher Corps. is all about supplying the Saiyan empire with fruit from the Tree of Might. If you are athletic, know how to fight, and have a knack for gardening, this is the place for you!

Level 1 - Fruit Taster
Wages Per Hour: $14

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
The Tree of Might can produce very tasty fruit and very bitter fruit. Tasty fruit means that the tree is in excellent condition and should be used to produce more trees like it. Bitter fruit means that the quality of the tree isn't up to par. The only way to tell the difference between the two is to eat them and that's where you come in.

Level 2 - Atmosphere Tester
Wages Per Hour: $21

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
A very specific atmosphere is needed in order for a Tree of Might to thrive. You'll be traveling to potential host planets and ensuring that the atmosphere meets the requirements.

Level 3 - Seed Carrier
Wages Per Hour: $32

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
Whenever a Tree of Might is planted it begins to suck the life force out of the planet. A planet is rarely able to survive once it finishes growing. That's why there are often attempts by the planet's inhabitants to steal the seeds. As the Seed Carrier you'll need to be able to outrun them.

Level 4 - Harvester
Wages Per Hour: $48

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
A lot of fruit is produced once the tree matures. Harvesters must quickly but meticulously take the fruit. If harvested incorrectly, the fruit can be damaged.

Level 5 - Location Scout
Wages Per Hour: $72

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
The best place to plant the tree is in areas where it can be grown without any disturbance. Places like these are extremely hard to find. Even if they are rare, Location Scouts need to find the best places possible.

Level 6 - Tree Breeder
Wages Per Hour: $108

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
Once the Fruit Tasters filter out the best trees the Tree Breeders have to take those trees and produce even better trees.

Level 7 - Tree Guard
Wages Per Hour: $162

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
Even though the Seed Carriers are excellent at avoiding angry inhabitants, there's still a chance that they can destroy the tree before it can mature. Tree Guards provide 24/7 protection for each tree.

Level 8 - Location Purger
Wages Per Hour: $243

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
Oftentimes a potential planting site has to be cleared before the process can continue. In this context "cleared" means that you have to take out anything that can pose a threat, living and otherwise.

Level 9 - Second In Command
Wages Per Hour: $365

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
You're the second in command of a Crusher Corps. squad. Be sure to learn how the process operates from your Leader as you will soon be leading your own squad. If everything goes well, you won't have to lift a finger but you will still need to improve just in case something goes wrong and you have to use force.

Level 10 - Crusher Corps. Leader
Wages Per Hour: $548

Work Days: M - F

Job Description:
As the Leader of your own Crusher Corps. squad, you are tasked with ensuring that each member is effectively doing their job and using any means necessary to grow a Tree of Might.


JTCC Seminar: Levels 1 - 10
The Sim who was supposed to speak at the Junior Turles Crusher Corps. seminar this Saturday has food poisoning and won't be able to make it. If you're not doing anything and want to earn some extra cash, you can step in for him.

Battle Armor Fashion Show: Levels 1 - 10
The event planners working for Capsule Corp. miscalculated how many Sims they needed to showcase the company's latest models of battle armor. Since Capsule Corp. has close ties to the royal Saiyan family, they have the right to ask various members of the Saiyan Army to do things that are clearly outside of their job descriptions. Are you willing to help fill in?

Saiyan Army Battle Royale: Levels 1 - 10
Periodically, King Vegeta decides to host a battle royale for the Saiyan Army. The Low Class Saiyan Division (which includes the Low Class Saiyan Section, Turles Crusher Corps., and the Bardock Planet Elite Force), the Mid Class Saiyan Division, and the Elite Class Saiyan Division compete against one another. Whichever division is the last standing will earn a reward from the king.

After School Activity
Name: Junior Turles Crusher Corps.

Days: M,W,F

Ages: Teen

Skills: Gardening, Athletic, Martial Arts, Logic

Genders: Male & Female

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