No Time Capsules Without A Treasure Map

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Uploaded 20th Sep 2020 at 3:53 PM

Are you tired of your Sims constantly digging up Time Capsules filled with MySims trophies (and the occassional voodoo doll) when what you were actually looking for were rocks or crystals? I know I am. How many Sims have buried these blasted things anyway?
I recently went back to playing my Scientist Sim and was getting really tired of all the Time Capsules he was recieving instead of the rocks and crystals I needed. This isn't helpful when you have a work shift timer involved. The result was this mod.

This mod alters the chance of finding a Time Capsule when using the Dig interaction on rock piles to zero. If you want your Sims to find Time Capsules now you will have to wait until they find a Treasure Map and use the Dig for Treasure interaction instead.
The chance of finding a Treasure Map has been left as it was. It feels acceptably random to me.

This mod alters the collection_DigSite_Dig interaction tuning with Instance 0000000000007014 and will conflict with any other mod that also does so.
It appears to be okay to use alongside littlemssam's digging overhaul mod although I can't guarantee.

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