Luna Lovegood

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From the book series of Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood was accepted into Hogwarts in 1992 and sorted into Ravenclaw. Known for her quirky, eccentric beliefs with a nonconforming and "dreamy" disposition. Because of this she was perceived as odd and treated like somewhat of an outcast. Despite this she was extremely intelligent, Not caring what others thought of her, always willing to help and comfort others. She also had an ability of making others uncomfortable by being bluntly honest regardless. She was skilled in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dueling, Charms, Nonverbal magic, Care of Magical Creatures, and the Study of Ancient Runes, and possessed the ability to produce a corporeal patrounus at age fourteen, as well as a good amount of artistic ability

This sim is packaged with default skin, other custom content shown

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5 Extra Sliders for Sims 2 By Digi
"More Sliders, Yay!" by Crisps&Kerosene
Custom sliders for eyes and lower jaw sims 2 by Hexanticle
Line of Jaw Height and Middle of Lower jaw height by Hxanticle
Late to the Party Sliders Part 1 by Lifa
10 New Custom Sliders by Memento/Rami
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Eight Sliders by Memento/Rami
20 Sliders by Nopke
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Bumper brows (Poppet MouseyBlue's Pow- set 09) By Poppet
Whispers Lips brown by Lilith
Golden Wings Blush v2-latte by Lilith
Delicate Nosemask (light rose) By Lilith
Non default Honey skin (light rose) No freckles by Lilith Direct link, original post no longer available
Hogwarts Uniforms shirts and ties for teen girls + mesh by Cloudlessnights

Note: Rensim's site and original links are no longer active, but they are archived at mediafire the facekit with: Nose Button, Nose Sides, Nosebulb , Teeth, Eyebags, Lashes, Eyebags 2, Eyebags 1 is named rs_ts2blushfacekits
And the Anti shine blush is rs_ts2blushCflexAntishine

Custom Content by Me:
Luna Lovegood Sim

Custom Content Included:
Behind these eyes light steel grey by Bruno
1201 eyelash by Ephemera While it was created by Ephemera/Ter_uk(the original hosting site went down years ago but are now available on Pakrat)
Facial shadow and Highlight: Cheek 1 L by Simplelife
Facial shadow and Highlight: Cheek 2 L by Simplelife
3t2 MomoAlessoNewseaMix simagrooped + mesh by Deedee
Facekit: Nose Button by Rensim
Facekit: Nose Sides by Rensim
Facekit: TeethEyebagsLashes by Rensim
Facekit: Eyebags 2 by Rensim
Facekit: Eyebags 1 by Rensim
Facekit: Nosebulb 2 by Rensim
Facekit: CflexAntishineblush by Rensim

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All Around the World Non-Default Face Templates (Europe) by isbrealiomcaife
* Subtlety * Default Face Templates by SleepyTabby

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