Modern Center Coffee Table

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The second most important purchase you can make for your Sims living room furniture, after their couch and sofa, is the Modern center table. Coming in a three designer options, these center tables will add pizzazz, oomph, and character, while at the same time elevating the sophistication quotient of the room they are placed in.

These modern center tables will sure marry style and function and yet integrate with the rest of the room.

Your Sims have a wide three varieties to choose from, from a flat wooden top with glass, to a two and three center tables adorned with woods and glass top. Above all there’s something for it for every type of décor they are combined with.

There are three styles included. And the styles are separated by a difference to the top of the tables while all other parts remain the same.

Modern Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Table 2

Modern Coffee Table 3

As already mentioned, the three tables are same in all aspect except for their top which where designed separately as shown in the images above.

Modern Center Coffee Table Basics
NamePriceCatalog LocationPolycount LOD1Polycount LOD2Polycount LOD3Recolor SubsetRequired
Modern Coffee Table500Surfaces/Coffee Table194613749735Base game
Modern Coffee Table 2500Surfaces/Coffee Table195413799775Base game
Modern Coffee Table 2500Surfaces/Coffee Table193813689615Base game

Crafted with excellent Wood, the modern coffee table furniture in a Sim house will resemble the meat and potatoes of a dinner. Be rest assured, it will take up the dominant part of the room they are placed in and help make your Sim home feel lived in, inviting, and finish.

Modern Coffee Table, Filling the Sim house with the beautiful creation of wood

Style: Contemporary Modern Ultra Modern
Room: Living Dining Bedroom Nursery Study Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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