Amélie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) from the movie "Amélie"

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My very first item on MTS2 is Audrey Tautou from the movie "Amelie." If you've watched the movie, or seen pictures from it, you know that throughout the film, Amelie will look right at the camera as if she's speaking to you. Her face creeps into a smile with a look that's secretive ... what she just said was meant for you alone.

My goal with making this sim was to recreate that mischievious look. I wanted her to look like that all the time. I'll admit that I echo josy268's comment in that she looks better in Body Shop, but she does have that look in the game, too.

Amelie comes packaged with Maxis content: Light skin tone, brown eyes, dark hair, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, and clothing.
- I prefer my Amelie to have the longer hairstyle that you see pictured on the left of the first picture. The ones I saw available for download on the 'net, as well as josy268's here at MTS2, all feature a shorter hairstyle. I took pictures for comparison (the right-hand side of the first picture) so you can see what she looks like with the shorter style & pick that in CAS if you want.
- The outfit she comes packaged with is a black/white sweater and jean skirt. The outfit you see pictured (not included) is from Parsimonious for a Casual Female.

The pictures should give you a better idea.

Out of the whopping five other sims that I've done and tried to model after real people (myself included) or computer game characters, I think this one comes the closest. But please give me your opinions and let me know if I got it right or missed the mark.

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