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by Nysha
1st Sep 2021 9:00 AM - 968
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by Corylea 30th Apr 2021

I've made a bunch of mods for The Sims 1, but I never bothered to upload them anywhere, because I thought I was the only one playing this twenty-year-old game. Then I found this section of ModTheSims. :-) Now that I know I'm not the only one, I'm going to upload a few things and see if anyone wants them.

Food Lasts a Week

I don't know about you, but when I'm finished with a meal, I put the leftovers in the refrigerator, and they last for a week or so. And yet our sims can't do this, so they have to cook All. The. Time. Well, no more. I've hacked the food so that it stays fresh for a week. The sims still don't put it in the refrigerator, but you can't have everything. :P This mod alters the regular meals, the BBQ meals, the pizza, and even the snacks.

Since this mod replaces an in-game object, the file does NOT go in your Downloads folder, the way objects usually do; it has to go into the Objects subfolder of your GameData folder. Your GameData folder is a subfolder of your Maxis folder; look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\The Sims\Gamedata\Objects, if you installed the game to your C drive.

If you want YOUR sims' food to stay fresh for a week, you can get the mod -- for free, of course -- at

I make mods for my own use, but I go to all the trouble of uploading them in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy. If you like the mod, please say so! I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in this thread; I'll be checking it frequently.

Happy Simming!

20th Aug 2021 3:29 PM
by simsgat
8 329
by Corylea 15th Jun 2021

When you make friends in The Sims, you have to keep up with them, because your relationship declines gradually over time. Okay, sure, in the real world if you don't talk to somebody for a decade, they might stop being your friend, but a few days -- or even a few weeks -- shouldn't matter that much.

So I've made a mod that eliminates relationship decay. You can still lose a friend if you're mean to them or even if you talk about things they find boring, but you won't lose a friend to decay. Make a friend and have them for life!

Make sure you put the two files in the right places; these files do NOT go in the downloads folder! There are complete directions both on my site and in a readme in the folder with the mod.

I've used this mod in my game for several months with no trouble -- and @AwooWolfWoof and @PanCakezzz were both kind enough to test it for me -- but if it gives you problems, just delete it.

My mods are always free, and my site doesn't ask for anything -- no registration or any of that crap. Your browser might tell you that my site is "not secure," but since you aren't giving me anything -- my site doesn't ask for information or money or anything at all -- it doesn't NEED to be secure; it's just a plain old download.

You can get the mod at .

If you decide you want your relationships to decay again, simply remove those two files, and the game's internal files will take over again.

I make mods for my own use, but I go to all the trouble of uploading them in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy. If you like the mod, please say so! I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in this thread; I'll be checking it frequently.

I hope you enjoy the mod. Happy Simming!

10th Aug 2021 1:14 PM
by simsgat
3 170
by Victor_tor 3rd Jul 2021

As you know, for some default Downtown Lots, how they look and what is on them depend on wich expansion packs are installed, and may depend upon the order in which they are installed. Pet-related items from Unleashed may not appear unless Unleashed or later expansion pack was installed before Hot Date. Tiki, disco, and "country" items from House party may not appear if any expansion packs were installed between House Party and Hot Date, or if Unleashed or later expansion pack is installed.
The Sims Complete Collection contains Unleashed versions of lots, meaning that the items from House Party will not appear by Default but the items from Unleashed will.
This pack of lots is custom made mash-up of two versions of lots that has both Unleashed and House Party items. That means your sims now can have Unleashed pet stores togehter with Houseparty items for hang out.
All Houseparty items were placed on Unleashed version lots in strong accordance to original. Except some miserable things that tool place on Barrett's Boardwalk. Its first floor has been made one tile shorter and all of the windows were removed in House Party Version. I did not delete 2nd floor windows and did not change the size of entire building.
The list of the lots that included:

House24.iff - Wresday's
House26.iff - Landgraab Mall
House27.iff - Old farm Square
House28.iff - Barrett's Boardwalk
House29.iff - SimCity Beach
Feel free install them all or in party into your C:\GAMES\THESIMS\USERDATA\HOUSES
Next minor changes were made to lots:

  • Wresday's - has more exhibit decorations
  • Landgraab Mall - has tiki theme restaurant instead of Burger Clown
  • Old Farm Square - "generic upscale" decor, one pool table intead three, DJ Booth instead of jukebox
  • Barrett's Boardwalk - small dance floor and DJ booth instead of outdoor seating area, tiki themed bar and swimsuite store
  • SimCity Beach - swimsuite have Hawaaian theme instead of generic retail store
Other the then that were made a lot of different tweakings like wall speakers replace,
walls repainting and miserable changes to placement of furnishing that existed. And again, all in accordance with House Party lots for Downtown.
Hot Date, Houseparty and Unleashed EPs are required
Next informational recourses are used to make changes autentic. Many thanks to people who provided
pictures of Downtown lots from House Party:
SariaFan93 and lifestream video of tiki-theme downtown lots:
inujade for lifestream video of House Party lots in downtown:
Special thanks to Sortyero29 for keeping interest in Original Sims game
and her great creations for the Sims 4 and making comparison pictures


  • 21/07/03 21:05: Whoopsie! I had two tiki wall templates left in Landgraab Mall candy store. :faceslap: They were vanished
  • 27/07/03 03:09: Landraab Mall water closet was repainted according to House Party version of lot that has cyan tikki wallpapers in it.

I reshare edited rar with each update.
However I don't update pictures so they show a bit wrong information.

Regards, Victor_tor ^_^
MTS, 2021

27th Jul 2021 1:26 AM
by Victor_tor
3 218
by condedd 15th Jul 2021

I know "Where Can I Find?" is place to look for mods, but I don't know why i can't post there
What I'm looking for is a mod that allows changing the relationship between the sims. :help:

17th Jul 2021 4:00 PM
by Corylea
2 52
by SimmerAl 1st Feb 2021

Hello everyone, my name is Alan, and I'm still a big fan of the original Sims. So much so, that during the times of lockdown and furlough, I just dived into the world of creating and editing objects for the original game.

05/02/2021 So I went ahead and made the other bookshelfs in the Sims 2, all based on my modded Craftmeister Booknook, with recolours enabled in build mode. All put in one far file.

(The accessory files are separate, does anyone know how to add accessory files into far files? also does anyone know the flag for the hand tool in build mode? come to mind this method of recolours would be odd once I move onto build items)

Download link

You should delete the the old Craftmeister Booknook as it's inculded in this far file.

Download link

3rd Jul 2021 6:57 PM
by Victor_tor
4 693
by SimmerAl 19th Mar 2021

What vison, what talent. SimmerAl has converted the Independent Expressions Inc Easel for The Sims 1! with some extra fun new features. Enjoy!

Download link

3rd Jul 2021 6:54 PM
by Victor_tor
3 257
by James1997 6th May 2021

Hey fellow Simmers,

Recently i've been playing a lot of Sims 1 and enjoying it a lot! Now i came across the Simslice website and saw the Marilyn Monroe skin you could download there for a bit of money: The website hasn't been active from my understanding, but i really want the Marilyn skin for my Sims game so much!

Does anybody on this site has this skin for me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

18th May 2021 7:19 AM
by Ladysimplayer8
1 294
by SimmerAl 13th Feb 2021

Some more conversions for the Sims. Nothing crazy, but its modded bases for future use.

Download link

Download link

14th Mar 2021 1:29 AM
by Corylea
3 450
by hitmontop16 20th Feb 2021

Is there a mod to stop dragons from eating flowers? I like my flowers.

2nd Mar 2021 12:41 PM
by simsample
3 700
by Haley90 18th Feb 2021

OPTIONAL INTRODUCTION (my story of getting reunited with TS1)
So yeah... I'm still interested in playing, modding, creation for TS1. I went back to this game a few months ago, after more than ten years of absence, just to remember what it was and... and I was hooked immediately. True, you can't have proper legacies, which is my only type of playing Sims BUT you can still have babies, age them up, and with Makin' Magic, they can even grow to adulthood. And when it's time for older generations to pass away, I kill them with hunger or the legendary Ladderless Pool of Death. True, there's no genetics, so no way of spreading the desired features, but I find it so exciting when a baby or kid grows up and takes this totally random appearance (the uglier the funnier!). So it's like, TS2 is my "serious" and carefully planned main legacy and TS1 is a spontaneous, whimsical journey into the incredible wackiness of this game.

So I downloaded tons of cc for TS1 but it annoys me that some objects don't show in the subcategories (you know, Desks, Dining Tables, End Tables...), but only in the All Surfaces category. Is there a way to put those in their proper sub-categories? The object-creation tutorials I found seem to have been written before Hot Date, when sub-categories didn't exist.

Edit: Don't bother answering! Literally minutes after I published this post I found the solution! (It happens so darn often, doesn't it?) So for those who might be looking for answer: download the Sims Hot Date Object Organizer from here:

18th Feb 2021 2:33 AM
by Haley90
0 163
by p0pb4ll 22nd Jul 2020

Literally all I want is to extract the models and textures to import into another program for examination. But I can't find any information for modding gamecube games. Has it become lost knowledge at this point? Have people given up? :cry: :cry: :cry:

16th Dec 2020 7:02 PM
by SeriousNorbo
1 3,584
Thread deleted by Nysha
by porkypine 24th May 2009

Is anyone still creating for Sims1?

Do you want to take your favorite SIms1 stuff and use it in Sims2?

There is a group in Social called the Sim nation Modding Collective who wants to take the best from Sims1 and mod lookalikes for Sims2.

If you are into that kind of nostalgia, why not take a look?

11th Jun 2016 9:53 PM
by Prime
4 45,345
by Egroce 26th Jan 2015

So the other day I got a little bored on The Sims 1. So I decided that I would get a mod that would make things fun. I chose the weapons mod. So I tried installing it into the Maxis/The Sims directory. I put the .far file into the Downloads and the .skn, .bmp, and .cmx files into the skin folder in GameData. Then I used FARout to import the .cfp files into the animation .far file. So then I figured that it was installed. So I ran the game and it ran perfectly but the mod didn't appear in the game. My other mods did, but I looked in the catagory where the weapon store is supposed to be and it's not there. Nothing from the mod is there. So how do you install this mod? Is it just that it's outdated or is it incompatible with my expansion packs? I'm running The Sims Complete Collection on Windows 7 and the game runs smoothly with little to no problems and loads other mods perfectly. :help:

Link that I got the mod from: Download

26th Jan 2015 2:49 AM
by Egroce
0 9,018
by Prog 14th Jun 2014

Hello all. You may know me from other sites as Prog, ProgMetalMan, Grizz, or something of that nature. (Ignore my old posts from back when I was dora >:-P and didn't know how to internet.)
So, I used to be really into the Sims 2 about five years ago, back in fifth or sixth grade. I got pretty fluent with things like SimPE and I think I still have a GUID block allocated to me somewhere. Then I kind of moved away from it, and basically now my computer (same one as then, sans the entry level video card; had to switch to onboard :wtf: ) cannot handle it.
My Sims collection sat gathering dust for a while until my 8-year-old sister started playing The Sims 3 at a friend's house. She nagged me to get it running on our own computer. The only title that she could play because of sexual content was The Sims 1 base game. (Well that and I didn't really feel like figuring out which expansion packs included the WooHoo precursor.)
What I found was that she sucks at The Sims. I know, harsh. But she decided to create my family. The only one who had any personality was my mother who was a prudent neat freak. :lol: When I intervened, my unemployed parents were about to kill each other, my sister was failing school, we had spent thousands of dollars on a playground, had a $1500 bathtub, no stove, no cash on hand, and no other entertainment sources. So I sold off that junk, got pretty decent jobs, and within a day or two my Sims abilities were back in full swing and we were far better off than we ever were IRL.
So what happens? Before I was even awake my sister decided to play The Sims. She apparently managed to neglect us all enough to leave me passed out in front of a pool ladder so that my mother would drown. So, how can I revive her?
IIRC this was quite a bit easier with SimPE. I downloaded IFF Pencil 2, but it looks like any trace of her sans the gravestone was ripped from the .FAM file. Her character file still exists if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

1st Sep 2014 7:59 AM
by Chicken0895
1 6,207
by BloodyKeyblade 25th Jan 2014

I cannot find the Sims Transmogrifier folder where it puts the cloned objects (.\downloads\transmogrified\objectname.iff). I want to put my cloned object into the User Objects folder to have it in-game. I tried cloning the "Manila 1000 Aquarium" (or "bigfishtank.iff"). For some reason, I even can't find that original file anywhere on my computer (search function on my entire disk). It's only available for me on Community Properties, but I also wanted it for buying mode for my sim's houses.

I looked up for it in following folders (don't wonder 'bout it, I'm from Germany):
C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\Die Sims\GameData
C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\Die Sims\
C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\

In the folder "Die Sims" (my Sims program folder), there is a folder named "Downloads", but I can't find any folder in it that is named "transmogrified".

Before asking, yes, I configured that all hidden folders and files are shown. I also tried typing in the full folder path. No results for any folder existing that path.

I hope you can help me. I can't find that folder, but the Sims Transmogrifier clearly says that it exists. :wtf:

Edit: I found the path of them. I just wonder, why the path is:
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\Die Sims\Downloads\Transmogrified

I only thought; WTF, why in AppData? Why does Transmogrifier choose this path? I found it when I clicked in my Sims program folder on "compatibility files" in the list above, where I can choose the view of my folder etc. When I clicked it, the explorer automatically opened the folder path mentioned above.


3rd Feb 2014 3:32 PM
by Nysha
1 5,698
Thread deleted by frogz2007
Reason: Idiots.
by Mashuga31 20th Jan 2014

Does anyone know where I might be able to find some of the in-game object models from the urbz for conversion to TS1?

Or for that matter any current CC based on the urbz?

20th Jan 2014 4:19 AM
by Mashuga31
0 4,249
by alice_nine_fangirl 9th Feb 2013

hello there :)

i have been playing the first sims ever since i was 5, not sure why but out of all the sims games (1, 2 and 3) sims 1 will forever be my favorite

anyway, before my old windows XP crashed, i had a wonderful hack called "magic fruitcake", some of you might of heard of that... im able to play the sims on my windows 7 now but i tried looking for the magic fruitcake again but the old site is now some weird advertising site that i dont understand why its an advertising only site (oh yes, because people LOVE online advertisements :rofl: )

there are motive booster hack objects but no 24/7 static/lock objects for motives anymore... if there are im having 0% luck in finding them!!

does anyone happen to know anywhere i can get the magic fruitcake again (since the old site no longer exists, im certain the "no share unless given permission" thing no longer applies? so i guess the hack can now be shared?), something similar to the magic fruitcake (a one sim constant use, can stop using at any time, never spoils, 24/7 static motives at "level 9" for all sims on the lot) or any creators can re-make the magic fruitcake (buy mode price was $70) or use a different usable object (computer, chips, shower?! :rofl: , etc.) and price it at $100 or less in the game?

if anyone out there can help out, i will truly be FOREVER grateful and be FOREVER in your debt!!

thank you for taking the time to read!!

1st Oct 2013 11:16 AM
by alice_nine_fangirl
6 16,600
by DoubleRainWave 20th Aug 2013

As in the title:

Is it possible in "The Sims 1" to create custom 3D meshes and animation data somehow?

I know that it's quite easy to change texture images for existing objects (once I've done it the hard way, by hex-editting the data files; now I know there's Transmogrifier for that). But what I need is to create custom characters (non-human; that's why I need to mod the entire 3D meshes and animations too). Is such thing possible?

If there's such possibility, please direct me to some places where I can read about it or software I can use to achieve it. Maybe some documentation for the file formats and data structures involved?

I'm a nerdy programmer, so don't be shy to post technical information.

21st Aug 2013 6:03 AM
by Slig
1 6,915
by mjacqu4 23rd Nov 2012


I am a computer science student and I stumbled upon a really cool article ( about the engine that the original sims used. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a copy of Edith so I can poke around inside the sims. Its not really important, I am just really curious about how the game is built.

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.


6th Jan 2013 6:20 AM
by Fatbag
3 10,603
by linolino 26th Jul 2012

I have gone back playing TS1. I 've decided it's either TS3 or TS1

TS2 is just frustrating, buggy, feels incomplete, and there is no reason for playing it, now that we have TS3.

TS1 however is classic (there's nothing like playing vacation, superstar & makin magic) and easy to mod and best of all it runs superfast in nowadays computers. hay!

I am actually making a super mod pack for TS1. I got the hang of modding it, and my aim is to deeply change the gameplay, the ui, fix all the buggy things, implement new stuff based on ts2 and ts3, change all the lots, and make achievement missions. i just hope i don't get tired and drop this idea.

8th Nov 2012 9:43 PM
by Spiker_90910
4 11,804
Thread deleted by finikuz
by Smcwill14 3rd May 2011

So I'm way old school. Haven't played Sims for awhile, and just recently decided to start playing Sims 1 again (ironically, I've been watching a lot of home makeover shows that got me in the mood to be creative haha)

I've been looking for codes that might allow me to put tiles on sloped grounds so I can have (i.e. a hot tub) up on a hill, but cant connect any paths to it. And all the codes I find seem to be for the more updates versions of Sims and don't work. Can someone please lead me in the right direction to find codes that fit the original Sims games?

And if this topic isn't in the right place, feel free to move it. :D

Thanks! :turtle:

26th Jul 2012 6:25 PM
by linolino
3 19,284
by gelis 21st Apr 2011

I have tired to find meshing tutorials but it seems like they are all gone. I always get "page not found" :(

I really could use some information about how to get maxis' mesh in blender or in milkshape. I have cloned the objects that I want to re-mesh with Transmogrifier and after that, I exported the file but i have no idea what to do :D

22nd Apr 2011 11:43 AM
by gelis
2 9,872
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