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Tutorial for Changing Pattern Category

Date Posted: 24th Apr 2010 at 1:02 AM
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Meshing Tutorial Here

Date Posted: 22nd Apr 2010 at 7:14 PM
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Camera .ini

Date Posted: 18th Apr 2010 at 5:41 AM

Camera .ini file is in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini

Original is saved as

Original must be restored before installing patches.
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Castle Rejected - Info

Date Posted: 18th Apr 2010 at 5:37 AM

Dear Winterhart,

Thank you for your submission of "Castle DragonKin" in the Residential area at MTS.

Unfortunately, the thread has not been approved at this time due to the following reasons:

* General - Needs a bit more work...
While we appreciate and understand the time and effort you have taken on your submission, it's just a little bit off in some ways... you've got a great base and a really good start going, but there's certain details that need a little more tweaking before it's quite ready. Please don't take this as any kind of discouragement - in fact, it's meant as exactly the opposite...

We strongly encourage you to make use of our Creator Feedback forum to get tips and help in polishing up your creation up a little more, as you have a very nice start going... just needs a little more work and it will likely be able to be accepted. If you need further help, make sure to check the tutorials in our Create section, and you can ask specific questions in the appropriate sub-forum if there's something you're stuck on.

* Lots - Architecture
When creating the architecture of your lot, please strive to create a unique overall look with an interesting layout. It's very easy to create a boxy lot with poor aesthetics in Sims 2 - and it can take a lot of practice, work, and effort to create a unique lot that not just anyone could build.
o Try looking at real lots and houses in the style you want to create. You can get great inspiration on unique and realistic architecture by looking up real life building plans, or searching for images on Google Image Search.
o See: Building Great Realistic Houses - From the Ground Up .
o See the Build Mode Tutorials for new techniques, cheats, and tricks which can help in your building efforts.
o Use the Creator Feedback Forum to get help and feedback on your specific upload.[/url]

* Lots - Landscaping
Landscaping is important for any lot. It's not just a matter of plunking down a random tree or flower patch or two just to have some landscaping, but it needs to be planned and work well with the lot. Well-done landscaping adds to the look of the lot and can take an okay lot to looking spectacular.
o See: Build Mode Tutorials
o Try a Google Image Search for different pictures of landscaping for inspiration.
o Read Building Great Realistic Houses - From the Ground Up
o Use the Creator Feedback Forum to get help on your specific upload.

* Lots - Lot Size/Cost Missing or Incorrect
Please add the lot size and cost to your description OR enter the correct size and cost. For hotels and lodging, please list the range of prices per night. For apartments, list the range of rental prices.

Sims 3 lots must list both the furnished and unfurnished costs. You may put this in the text if it will not fit in the box provided.

* Screenshots - Far/Small/Thumbnails
Your screenshots are too small. They are either thumbnail versions instead of full-size, are taken from far away, or are otherwise too small. Make sure you upload screenshots big and close enough to see the detail of what you have made. The maximum size for pictures on MTS is 1280x1024 pixels. Minimum Size: 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall is a good size for the smallest pic you would want to upload.

Please see our Screenshot Basics tutorial for further help.

* Other reasons (these may be clarifications of above points, or additional reasons)
The overall structure of the castle and grounds is quite boxy. With some quick google searching the consensus shows that castles are actually not boxy. They are very large and complex building structures. Typically a large main building and smaller buildings attached or nearby. This is usually perched atop a hill, best for defense really! and/or have a wall surrounding them. While the store content looks really good, the architecture of the lot itself without the benefit of the store content is wouldn't have no castle architecture of ambiance.

They also do not have the lush green ground covers in the castle courtyard, but in the times when castles were used and lived in the grounds were much more barren due to working inside the castle, moving about and animals grazing. Your courtyard is fully green with grass without walkways/paths/roads that the people and animals would walk on.

Please read through all of the rejection reasons above! If you decide to resubmit your item, correcting only one or two of them (when more exist) will result in another rejection.

While we appreciate the time and effort that goes into making custom content, we advise you to read MTS' Creator Guidelines forum, where you can get information on quality of items and submission details. You can also get help and advice in the individual forums of the Create section, and can post photos of your project in the Creator Feedback forum for specific advice on how to improve.

If you are unclear as to why a specific upload was rejected, you may post in the Creator Issues forum. This is set so that only you and staff can see threads, to keep any issues private. Before posting in this forum, please make sure to review all of the reasons listed above. Once you've worked on this upload, and improved all the points mentioned in this PM, feel free to upload it again.

Finally, thank you for uploading to MTS. We assess each upload individually on its own merits, and while your submission may have been rejected on this occasion, please make use of the various tutorials, suggestions and feedback forums here on the site to find out how you can improve. We look forward to seeing your next uploads here!
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Helpful tool links

Date Posted: 12th Feb 2010 at 6:42 PM

Amahd's sliders

Head Sliders

[UPDATE] 10 new CAS Sliders (Breast, Hip, Waist, Butt, Head and more)
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