Why do cartoon animals have eyebrows?

Date Posted: 15th Mar 2011 at 7:53 PM

Why do cartoon animals have eyebrows?

It struck me when I was going to the cinema about a week ago with a good friend to see Black Swan, which had been fully booked two hours before hand! And ended up seeing The King's Speech (Socail Network should have won) but I noticed while in the que that the horse on the Tangled poster had eyebrows...and I am sure horses don't have eyebrows (googles)...no they don't. Adding eyebrows is just plain wierd and creepy, I mean why?
Was it some high up person going "I can't associate with this character enough! Do something!"
Nervous Character designer "We could put eyebrows on, make it look more human"
Although kudos to disney for putting in all that money for massive CGI development and supporting Pixar and funding the original Tron.
And now that I've been mulling it over I'm sure the rodent companions in cinderella have eyebrows and clothes! As well as the monkey in Alladin. I guess this is just a random thing which has been bothering me for a bit...anyway I've had a good ramble, thanks for bearing with me.

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eerrrr... first entry about traumatizing film

Date Posted: 5th Jul 2010 at 10:02 PM

'ello one and all
Today I watched a bazaar (if not brain melting) film called "The Little Panda Fighter" *screams with terror and claws computer* anyway this is a child's film about a panda called Pancotta who is aspiring to become a modern dancer (WhatTheFudge!!, oh yeah no offence intended to modern dancers) anyway he works at this restaurant/sleazy bar where he has a crush on a orange bear who quite frankly looks like a painted lady (if you catch my drift) and who poses in rather a lot of what some would call "indecent" positions... anyway cutting to the chase at the end there is basically the moral that swindling is right and good (yep i skipped quite alot of plot there) anyway only watch the film if...
your drunk (hey we've all been there)
dead stupid
force someone else to watch it with you with a blind fold on and record their reaction (hey it's the new "Two Girls One Cup", not intended for anyone who doesn't want to be mentally scarred)
or have taken a memory erasing drug (like in "Men in Black"... apart from that's a weird flashy thingy ma bob)
Love and kisses
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