The Future on Earth

Date Posted: 12th Dec 2010 at 10:02 PM

I have now had a change in mind about the planned out lots for this project. After going over them, a lot are nearly impossible to do with all the curves and more futuristic style that the game can't do. So I still have all these plans saved, but after multiple drafts, I'm just erasing them all from this journal and going free form, but keeping the futuristic mentality.

PS: I am also making different versions of my lots for this project. All will be posted on MTS, but without using paid content from Paysites Must Be Destroyed. So if you're interested in my own refurbished versions using PMBD content, just ask me and I can e-mail the packages to you.

Residential Lots
The Bio-Box: complete and uploaded. *REFURBISHED*
Wood and Steel: in the making. *NOT YET REFURBISHED*

Comunity Lots
coming soon....
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