BAHAHA look at my failure! :D

Date Posted: 8th May 2011 at 7:40 AM

When I first made these, I thought they looked ok.
Then when I tried uploading, they got rejected, and for a very good reason...

Failed Creation 1:

They have NO hips what so ever!!
God why didn't I notice that in the first place.
And also, I didn't pay close enough to the breast area... They are pretty much falling out!
But I was bound and determined to use this mesh for one reason in specific...
Que the heavenly choir!

Jesus* Shoes:

These shoes are friggen adorable! Although I spent more time editing these shoes then I did editing the outfit itself...

And then the other thing I made to go along with the outfits above.

Boob Outfits:

Didn't realize until after it got rejected... I'm not sure if its just the mesh, or it was my poor editing. But if you look at her breasts.. it just looks like I just blurred em out!

But again, it was all the shoes fault!
The mesh had flats to go with the dress, so I just used the texture from my First CnC** set, and changed the color of the bow...YES...there was a bow on those shoes lmao.
Sorry, I don't have any decent sized pictures of the shoes.

Lets count how many times I used this emote:
No Hips: 1
Poor Editing: 2
Blurred Boobs: 3
Me being a Dumbass and not taking a picture of cute adorable flats that look so adorable: 4

*NO...I am not implying that Jesus wore super adorable pink high heels, Jesus in my case means heavenly
**CnC = Cute N Casual
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Yay! Thanks Everyone!

Date Posted: 28th Apr 2011 at 2:00 AM

I made it finally to 50,000 downloads!
Thanks guys for all your support!
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Eyeshadow color requests?

Date Posted: 25th Apr 2011 at 3:52 AM

You can find the main preview of it here.
After I manage to get a certain amount of colors, I'm going to try to upload it : )
Find my feedback thread below! :D

Link: HERE
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Preview: CoolSims 61 - Retextured

Date Posted: 10th Apr 2011 at 8:50 AM

I have been working on this one for a couple weeks now, playing around with the alpha lengths and my hair textures. I will upload this really soon, as well as my skin edit, which is an edit of KamKitten's Wiktoria. I hope she doesn't mind... only thing I changed was the female body from T - E and the Face for all females. Otherwise, I didn't touch anything else.
You can see this skin in the preview picture below, as well as the hair noted in the Title : )

This hair will include the mesh, as Coolsims seems to be down... As soon as the site is back up I'll be taking the mesh uploads to all my uploads off. As I know Anto doesn't like other people redistributing his meshes.
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Coming Soon: Victoria!

Date Posted: 3rd Apr 2011 at 5:29 AM

This sim will have a preview of my:
1) HalfMoon Eyeshadow
2) Retexture of CoolSim's Hair - 84
3) Crystal Eyes

For my hair retexture, I'm going to stick to my usual 9 colors...
I plan to make 9 colors for my Eyeshadow
I'm thinking of making 5 natural colors for my eyes, and 4 un-natural colors...
leading to 9 colors xD

For the Eyes and the Eyeshadow do you guys have any suggestions for colors?
I only need the 4 un-natural eye colors, and 7 eyeshadow colors...

I'm also in the process of making her a new outfit, I want to make something simple and elegant. I was thinking of a white summer dress : )

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