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Simdrew1993's - New and Improved - Legend Of Zelda - Link Sim

Date Posted: 25th Nov 2012 at 10:38 AM

Hello everyone on ModTheSims, many of you may have downloaded my Original Link sim, but now I created a second version, which is much more Sim accurate to the Zelda Twilight Princess version of Link, I completely re-did my original Link sim and redefined the face, and shape, my friend Hayley helped me a bit as well, when I was near completing him, then I finished him just the other night, I'm debating on whether I should upload him or not, as of now I'm unsure, but I planned to upload him, along with my new and improved Dark Link Sim, I managed to get his face to stay the same from Teen through Adult, he will keep his youth and not look like an adult even after aging.

Please feel free to comment, here or on my deviant Art page for link here:

If you wish to always be up to date on my projects and events please add me as a favorite creator here on MTS, click the Thank you button on my downloads when downloading also feel free to add my work to your favorites, subscribe to me on YouTube here
and add me to your watch and Follow me on Deviant ART here:

If I see that enough people like Link and he gets enough positive feedback, then I might upload him.
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My Batman Impressions- Mr. Freeze,Batman and Robin

Date Posted: 2nd Sep 2012 at 7:26 AM

These are my Batman Impressions of Batman, Kid Robin and Mr. Freeze from Batman The Animated Series, if you like it please click the Like button and Subscribe for more, I can do many other characters too, but had to only do three because if I did more it would have made the video way to long and besides I prefer to have many videos.

You can hear it here:

Enjoy and if you do like it please help me out by Liking it , that way if it is really good it can be noticed by the world.

I tried my best, and I am available for hire if you like my work well enough and for free. And Yeah I voiced all of the characters, my voice can change and be what I want it to be, if I try hard enough that is. I'm actually surprised at how good I sound, I'm impressed and I never get impressed with myself. So please fellow viewers and Simmers and even people I don't know yet, I know I never ask much from any of you but please let me know what you think, okay?

Also, please feel free, to give links out of my videos, especially my Impression videos like this one, Facebook it, Tweet it, add them on blogs, Fansites, anything, I really wish to become noticed.

Comments here and on YouTube are welcome.
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Attention Sims 2 Players I made new Loading music for your game!

Date Posted: 28th Aug 2012 at 10:39 AM


Download is in the description and Install instruction readme is included and is real easy to install, always back up your games loading music though first.

And I like comments on that page too so feel free to comment or even leave thank you comments, and enjoy.
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Please Help RwanLink on YouTube!

Date Posted: 21st Jul 2012 at 9:12 AM

Recently the legendary 3D movie maker RwanLink who has made several Zelda fan movies is going through a rather difficult time and needs YOUR help!

Here is some of his work,

Zelda Past And Present film, probably the most epic Zelda fan film I've ever seen.

Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

Majora's Mask Remake Cinematic

Zelda past and present 2 trailer

Zelda past and present 2 (cancelled)

Here is his channel


And DeviantArt

Here is what RwanLink had to say:

Hello everybody ! Those last days a lot of you wanted to help me and asked me to create a kickstarter. The page has been validated by the staff and here is the page:

I recently concelled the part 2 but if we can reach the goal on this page I could restart the part 2, finish it, make others episodes and animations ! I promess that i'll create something you have never saw in the Zelda universe before !

Thank you for your support !

RwanLink needs donations in order to continue his work!!!

If you enjoy his videos and wish to help please donate to him on this page.

The story of his video series The Legend Of Zelda Past And Present and the details on why he needs donations are on that page.

I for one am a big Legend Of Zelda fan, and I don't want this legend of great movies to die, please show your support, Thank you.
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A terrifying storm

Date Posted: 29th Jun 2012 at 11:14 PM

An hour ago I faced a deadly Tornado! I'm at my Aunt and Uncles house out in the country and it was nice and sunny and then it got very dark all of a sudden, then suddenly winds traveling at 92 miles per hour came lots of loud thunder and lightning, glass windows shattered trees fell and it was terrifying I'm just glad nobody got injured or killed and am thankful to be alive. Now many places are out of power and trees fallen everywhere and some houses got crushed, my mother told me that at home outside our neighbor was outside and a huge tree about killed her and she screamed for her life. But now they say the storm may be coming back I just hope nothing more happens.

EDIT: Not sure if it was a tornado or not but it was a serious storm and caused a lot of damage. Many people are without power but luckily I still got power and it's nice out again.
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I make several sims and not just Zelda ones

Date Posted: 19th Jun 2012 at 10:39 AM

Recently I made a Sims 2 Sim of Agent Velvet Dark from Perfect Dark Nintendo 64/Xbox Live Arcade, Joanna Dark's younger sister.

This particular Sim of Velvet was based on her XBLA look and style, I am not sure who made this spy jumpsuit but it's sexy and It is definitely like the Joanna Leather outfit so whoever made it you got talent and it's awesome so good job!

I may also make Joanna's Combat armor in the future who know's.

I don't know if my Joanna and Velvet Sims will be made downloadable or not yet, but so far people like my Joanna Sim so I guess it all depends. Please comment and give your opinions. Did I do okay? or not so well? I based her off of that little picture from the game. Comments are welcome.
You can also view her here on my deviantArt

Please open this link she is hacking a computer so listen to this music to go with the moment.
Or this music
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My Ganondorf Sim Stays ☮

Date Posted: 5th May 2012 at 5:14 AM

After much thought and consideration I've decided my Ganondorf Sim will stay and that I won't give up, I spent over 2 years now making him, I know that's kinda sad isn't it... but over time he has started more and more to resemble the real Twilight Princess Ganondorf, I created him for others not for myself, I started making him for myself but decided I need to share him with others he is nearly complete he has a few minor flaws with the jaw alignments which is sort of bothering me because it's rather hard to fix, but is fixable

☮ So he Stays! Peace!

Always feel free to comment in my Journal and any of its Entries, I love comments!
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My Legend Of Zelda, Link Sim is now available for download

Date Posted: 3rd May 2012 at 8:04 AM

Here you can Download my Link Sim, Here,113538.0.html and also here
He can be downloaded in the description. Enjoy

I have also improved my Dark Link Sim as well, in the picture it is side by side Link and Dark Link, Light VS Darkness. Remember If you ever need me send me a PM, if you have a request or anything you'd like to say or ask, I like comments and messages, I am not the type of person to get annoyed from lots of PM's so anything at all just message me, I am the type of person who abides by site rules but I myself am a talkative down to Earth person ,well I try to be anyway, in real life I'm quiet and not very talkative at all I normally only speak when spoken to and am not very strict unless I'm angry lol and that hardly ever happens I never get angry. You can also Sign my Guestbook, or leave a Journal comment.
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Should Ganondorf stay or go?

Date Posted: 19th Apr 2012 at 6:18 AM

Please Comment!

Your comments will help me decide what I should do.

Should I keep Ganondorf and continue with creating him?

Or Should I Abort the entire Project, and forget I ever started it and move on?

The reason I ask this is, when I started making my Ganondorf Sim back in October 2010, I decided I would share him and so I continued working on him till this year and had hoped people would notice him or say something like how much they wanted him or something, Only a very small amount of People have said anything about him and appreciated my work, but not near enough as I planned, I have even advertised him quite a bit too and the only reason I had continued working on him the past 2 years was because I wanted others to enjoy him, So now the Time has come, Should he stay, or should he go and be wiped out, forever, and be long forgotten. I apologize if I'm offending anybody, it's just only few of people appreciate my work and this makes me very depressed

Please comment before I make any rational decisions.
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As Time Progress's, I have more and more life and less time for Sims.

Date Posted: 7th Apr 2012 at 4:10 AM

I have a lot of things in life that require my attention, I apologize if people are expecting me to create new stuff all the time, maybe in the future I will have more time for Sims.

Here is another Sim I started working on, I made and sculpted a face made eyes and a skin recolor, it's Link from Legend Of Zelda, I sort of aimed for my own particular style though, he is a combination of Twilight Princess Link and Super Smash Brothers Brawl Styled Link's If you like him you can add a comment on my Journal, or visit my DA DeviantArt Page in my Signature and add a comment or favorite him.

Credits for Custom content go to: rockxxshow on ModTheSims for Links Twilight Princess Tunic,Links weapons by medrops on ModTheSims,and tommytiger on ModTheSims for Links Tunic mesh's and hats,TheJim07 on ModTheSims for the Triforce hand-marks, and me Simdrew1993 for the Ganondorf Sim in the picture and Links hair color, Skin recolor,and eyes and Links facial sculpture.

In this picture Link is a teen as he is in Twilight Princess, a lot of people don't seem to know this though, it says in Nintendo's Official Strategy guide for Twilight Princess and in the games instruction booklet for Zelda Twilight Princess, it says Link is 17 yrs old and Princess Zelda is 20 yrs old, it gives the age for a few of the other characters as well. Anyway my Link Sim took awhile and is still unfinished, but anyways when he ages to adult he seems to keep this Look and his facial sculpture remains pretty much the same, it was rather difficult to get it to do that but it does, when he ages to Adult he doesn't change much at all and keeps the same look.

Here are a couple of Pics of Link as an Adult he looks nearly the same as he does as a teen, one picture is in Bodyshop and one is during Game-play.
EDIT: Ugh This is a picture of him as a teen my mistake the one bellow this pic is him as an adult, when he is an adult though he doesn't change much...

Link looks like Twilight Princess Link as a teen and more like (SSBB) Super Smash Smash Brothers Brawl Link as an adult.

Here is my Deviant Art the link goes directly to my Link Sim, if you like my Link or would like to leave a comment feel free and leave one, or favorite it if you like it enough.

Later, Simdrew1993, out
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