What I Do Best

Date Posted: 1st Jun 2014 at 7:25 AM

After doing some nosing around and being directed in the right direction, I realized I'll go back to my original idea when I uploaded my first lot - pretty shells. I personally like empty homes I can change to fit my needs that look pretty on the outside from neighborhood view. For years, I've built homes using floor plans or off the top of my head using graphing paper to ensure no routing issues. I never furnish the homes until I move a family in because a) it makes it cheaper and reduces the need for a money cheat (which I don't mind using) and b) every family has a different style and I like to spend hours decorating a home from the roof to the basement.

Since I can't use Any Game Starter (Origin user), all of my lots will require every expansion. I figure if I stick to what I know and do best, I can make the best lots with minimal CC if I leave them the way I make them for myself instead of trying to spiffy them up for uploading.

I shall now be the pretty shell lady - I will provide pretty shells with build CC only for those who love to decorate their new homes.
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MGTV Lineup

Date Posted: 27th May 2014 at 8:26 PM

I'm working on a few things:
  • [FINISHED] House Hunters: Woodland Senior Living - A duplex in the style of 45 Woodland to fit in with the trailer park makeover I've done.
  • Property Virgins: The Woodland Starter Pack - Four starter homes (hopefully!) CC free under 20,000. If I can't find Maxis walls and floors that suit the individual spaces, then I'll include ones I've made. (*Edit: Ha! I failed miserably. No matter what I picked, it looked hideous. So I ragequit and am putting back in my GBs of CC. Booyeah!*)
  • Love It or List It: 165 Sim Lane - A Modern Traditional Makeover. It looks awesome to me and I'm sure someone would like a MGTV'd Goth home.
  • House Hunters: Heywood Manor - A home to compliment the renovations I'm doing and fill the neighborhood with pretty homes. I had started on this, but accidentally bulldozed it thinking I had packaged it for testing. Of course I hadn't.
  • Flip or Flop: 130 Sim Lane - A daring renovation to make this house stand out on the block.
  • 113 Wright Way - Double Flipped: I plan to do two versions, one for Pleasantview (to fit in with the remodels I've done in it's neighborhood, mostly brick-front) and the other for Veronaville, the Montys have requested we build them a massive legacy home.

Most of them are done, I'm just in the final phase of testing and composing the CC folders - I hate sending people shopping because I hate to do it myself when it comes to lost that interest me. So get your cell phones and check books out and ready - these homes will be priced to sell quickly!

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