No Love For Rorschach...

Date Posted: 16th Mar 2009 at 11:29 AM

I grow so tired of this...and yet I appreciate the idea of this site, so I keep coming back. Usually I'd just roll my eyes and not touch the sims for a few months until I felt like giving something else ago, but a surprising amount of people seemed to really want Rorschach, which is why I made him, and thus...why I decided to fill the rest of you in.

Despite being first skeptical of how one would go about doing Rorschach's "face", I figured just a full face special-effects mask should do the trick, and adding the same texture to the hair section of the Maxis fedora. I was all excited finding all Maxis's meshes so the mods here wouldn't get all uppity about clean installer not doing something properly. I was all finished with them and ready to upload...and then the site went down.

And then finally I saw it was back up, so this afternoon before work I uploaded Laurie and Rorschach. Laurie was approved before I even had Rorschach fully submitted. I was pretty surprised. I don't remember word for word the bio/explication I wrote for Rorschach but it was something I wrote because I didn't want to just copy and paste from wikipedia. In it I explained why Rorschach might look more skeletal than some might like, because I wanted him to function as Walter as well, and I figured it would be easier for people to plump out Rorschach, than try and sculpt Walter. I included this picture in the text section.

I also included these pictures in the attachments section: (click to enlarge)

And now, its with a very saddened heart that I inform those of you waiting Rorschach that he's been rejected. Not a "changes required", just flat out rejected. Because he (are you ready?) 1. didn't resemble the celebrity/character enough and 2. was missing comparison/required screenshots.

My thoughts (and since the bottom of their message clearly states replys will not be read, I figure this is as good a place as any to state them)-

"If your sim is not recognizable as the celebrity or character without looking at the title of your thread, it will be rejected. It does not have to be perfect, but the resemblance must be obviously and easily identifiable."

Personally, I think Rorschach looks more instantly recognizable as Rorschach than both my Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan. Rorschach is iconic. I thought this sim captured him well.

As far as the "missing pictures" thing goes...if it was because I didn't upload the shot of Walter in the attachments, I apologize I was simply trying to save MTS2 as much file space as I could since that's not the sims intended purpose. If its because of the source picture isn't up to par...I used the same source as I did for Laurie. And when I uploaded Jon I forgot a comparison completely, and I got a 'Requires Changes' for it.

Basically...idk what to do. Try uploading him as Walter, since its seems there was no love for poor Rorschach as he is. Should I try to...somehow, make him resemble Rorschach more than I think he does. Say screw trying to make it work double for Rorschach/Walter and plump up the face. Although that would screw me over for any needed unmasked photos. Or is any of it worth the effort since I'd have to start the upload from scratch, since they decided to reject it instead of saying it just needed changing?

This isn't meant to bitch and moan, but to honestly try and get opinions, because many of you seemed to really want a Rorschach and I do feel bad. I made him specifically because he was wanted.
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For those who watch the Watchmen...

Date Posted: 9th Mar 2009 at 11:30 AM

Rorschach and Laurie/Silk Spectre II are FINISHED. as soon as uploads are back up :] a little preview

Adrian, Dan, and possibly Eddy are planned to follow, but aren't finished yet.
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Problems Downloading?

Date Posted: 22nd Sep 2008 at 11:02 PM

Firstly, I'm sorry you're having problems downloading, and that they don't seem to be showing up in your game. I'm NOT a fan, at all of "clean installer" for this exact reason, that 97.5% it doesn't work for beans. That being said, I can only repeat myself so many times when trying to help fix the technical errors on your side of the internet.

So, if the sims aren't working properly for you just email me at and I'll send you the sim 100% intact. Please indicate in the message title, that you are requesting a sim to be sent to you.

Just be aware, its a new email adress, so I have to get used to checking it, I'm going to aim for at least once a week, so if I don't respond to your message right away, give it about a week before you send another email.

thanks, and hope this helps.

Apparently it needs to be stated that you should only be emailing me for problems regarding my sims. >_< One would have assumed that was a given, guess not.
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