Been Awhile...

Date Posted: 4th Jul 2012 at 2:57 AM

So it's been ages since I uploaded anything; 2009 according to my stuff here. I'm in the process of building a complete hood full of starters and close-to-starters however since I started this for my own game, these lots need my EP's. I seem to be turning out some really cute houses right now so I'm sharing them with y'all.

I am trying to limit which stuff packs i'm using. I seem to be using a bunch of M&G and K&B objects more than any others.

Although the lots do require expansions and sp's I am doing my best to refrain from using any CC at all. I hate tracking down crap just to make a house look right, so I bet you do too.

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moving and a few other things.

Date Posted: 25th Feb 2007 at 11:01 PM

well on friday we move to our new house/town and i'll be offline from the 28th to at least the 5th of march..perhaps a few days more,its up in the air at the moment. on a happier note, i have several lots that are almost or nearing completion and some of you will be happy to know i have included a few non-EP lots in that bunch unfortunately i spend more time on the computer with the EPs..hence more EP-full lots, im sure you understand.

with so many people building and uploading, its hard to come up with original ideas. i'm working on it..just for you!
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