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Stuff in the works – Updates on everything I’ve promised

Date Posted: 25th Mar 2008 at 6:46 AM

Stuff in the works – Updates on everything I’ve promised

I may decide to drop some of these that aren’t started, or barely started.
I’m not sure what will happen at this point. I’m very busy with school and stuff.

Star Wars families: Skywalker, Naberrie, Solo, Lars. - 20% - SciFi Challenge
Shrek Family – 90% - Fairytale Challenge
SpongeBob SimPants Project (Cartoon Sims exclusive) – 50% (Some of these were made by mickeymouse254 and I just need to get them from him. Technical difficulties.)
Archie Archer from TS1 Vacation – 0%
Pearls Before Swine Sims (Cartoon Sims exclusive) – 45%
Wicked Witch of the West – 80% (Working on skin and wrinkles)
Enchanted cups from Beauty and the Beast – 10% (Might not be possible with the mesh I want)
Mrs. Potts – 97% (Will upload with cups)
Belle’s Armoire from Beauty and the Beast – 1% (I decided on a mesh)
The Emperor’s New Groove Sims – 30%
Mickey Mouse and Pals – 100% (These were actually made by mickeymouse254 and I just need to get them from him. Technical difficulties. They will be uploaded to Cartoon Sims)
Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel, and Eustace – 70% (Just need to make Courage)
Wizard of OZ main cast - ? Ehhh… These might not get done.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy – 100% (I need to find them in bodyshop and package them)
More Star Wars aliens – ? I currently have two. I don’t know when I may make more.
Cruella DeVille – 100% (Need to upload)
Rodger – 20%
Anita – 0%
Nanny – 10%
Maleificent – 95% (Undecided on the horns)
Deniese_316’s Disney Princess hair and clothing recolors – 100% (Uploaded to Cartoon Sims. Coming to MTS2 eventually)
Margaret Hamelton - 90% - Old Hollywood Challenge
The Pie Hole from Pushing Daisies - 50% (I can't find good picsof the exterior, so I might drop it for now)
A resturant/Apartments - 75% (Just need to make the apartments)
The 7 Dwarves from Snow White - On hold until further notice.
Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe and Ursula Buffay from Friends - 75% (Check out the thread in the creator feedback forum)
The rest of the TS1 Neighborhoods - 20%
Dunder Mifflin from "The Office" - Uploaded

Well, that’s how everything is coming.

I’m also thinking of making the House of Mouse from the ToonDisney TV show House of Mouse. (Mickey Mouse owns a night club for Disney toons and shows Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, and Pluto cartoons).
If I make this, I’ll wait until I get the Mickey mouse Sims from mickeymouse254 to use in the screen shots.

If I mention making ANYTHING THAN IS NOT ON THIS LIST until it’s all or mostly finished, PLEASE SLAP ME! I always think of stuff I want to make and add it to the list. I need to stop and finish what I have started.

Well, let me know what you think of my projects and let me know if there is one of them you REEEEEEEEEALY want to see.
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Preview of upcoming Star Wars Sims (Images Fixed!)

Date Posted: 11th Mar 2008 at 5:05 AM

Preview of upcoming Star Wars Sims

EDIT: Ok, I fixed the images. I made simple pages on my site for them. Enjoy!

EDIT: Sorry, I dodn't know that my server wouldn't let me post pics to other sites. I'll try to fix this ASAP!

I decided that I want the entire Skywalker family in my game. But I also want Padme's family too. And then there Shimi married Clieeg Lars so I have to create the Larses.

So, after digging through the Star wars Wikia, I created the Star Wars family tree.

When I'm done, all of these characters will be up for download.

I'm limiting myself to the Skywalkers, Naberries, Solos, and Larses.
(Knowing me, I'd create Han Solo and Tamith Ka's entire families if I let myself. lol )

These aren't the finished Sims. I still need to tweak them some more.
But I'd like some opinions and suggestions.
Age: Adult
I need to work on his face some more. And I'm going to remove a big clump of the hair in front of his face.
Age: Adult
I'm not quite sure what, but something isn't right.
I think it's mainly the nose and the lines around the mouth are a bit too dark.
Age: Teen
This is Han and Leia's oldest child. I looked at pics of her as a teen when I first made her. But the one's above are her as an adult (I think).
I'm going to change her skin tone and maybe tweak her face a little.
I can't quite figure out what's wrong with her. Maybe it's just her skin tone?
(sorry her face is a little pixelated. I accidentally saved it as a .jpg)
I think he looks a lot like he does in the books. He looks a little different in each one, but I think this is right there in the middle.
(And no, I didn't intend for him to look like Jim from "The Office")
Age: Child / Teen (I can't decide which version to upload)
This is Han and Leia's youngest child.
The child version doesn't look quite like him, but the teen version looks a lot like the teen version from the books. I'd upload the Teen version, but he is supposed to be younger than his siblings.
The Child and Teen versions are the same Sims, just different ages.
(Sorry, again, I saved it as a .jpg)
Age: Adult
This is Padme's older sister.
I'm going to work on the lines around her mouth. They are too dark.
Age: Child
This is Sola's oldest daughter.
I think it looks pretty good... As a child...
Don't let her grow up... Scary... lol
Age: Toddler
This is Sola's youngest daughter.
Again, Don't let her grow up.

So, that's all I have for now.
Let me know what you think!
And suggestions would be nice.

I'll post more pics when I get at least half way done with some more characters.
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I finally broke down and got UNI :P

Date Posted: 8th Mar 2008 at 2:10 AM

I have always thought Uni was a waste of money. I didn't see the point of sending your sims to college. It would just waste time (especially on slower computers).

Well, I still don't see the point, But now I can not see it with Zombies, cow plants, and multi story doors. lol

So, my sims empire has grown!

My sims can now:

Go shopping in a shopping district
Go shopping Downtown
Go on vacation
Go to college
Buy pets
Enjoy Spring, Summer, Fall,and Winter
Get Jobs
Own buisnesses
Become Zombies
Become Werewolves
Become Vampires
Have Servos
Have Bigfoots (Bigfeet?)
Own cars

And, they can own everything from Holiday Edtion(V1), University, Nightlife, Open For Buisness, Pets, Family Fun, Glamour Life, Seasons, Bon Voyage, and Teen Style.

I currently do not have H&M Stuff, Celebration Stuff, or Free Time.
I'm going to wait until the patch comes out for Free Time before I buy it.
I have read about way too many bugs that come with it. My game loads slow enough, I don't need it to be messed up.

Oh, and I finally figured out why my game is having problems.
I need to re-install the Pets patch. Hopefully then it will work correctly, and stop crashing.

And, to make my game/bodyshop load faster, I'm going to finally empty my projects folder. I have over a gig in projects!
I'm also going to empty my movies folder, PackagedSims folder, and my PackagedLots folder. I don't know if that will help, but we'll see.

The hard drive that the Sims folder is saved to (The folder containing my downloads, movies, pics, neighborhood files, etc) Is almost full. I had to install half of my EPs/SPs to my other hard drive to save space.
And since it's so full, I think that may be one reason my game takes so long to load. (The other being my downloads folder that would put MTS2 to shame. lol )

Well, That's about it.
I'm about to go watch TV for a while.
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The Sims 1 NPCs for The Sims 2

Date Posted: 1st Mar 2008 at 6:18 PM

Hey, in my quest to recreate TS1 in TS2 I'm working on the neighborhoods, and I'm looking for lots (Melly Sim deleted her account, so I don't know where to find them).

The Sims 1 Unleashed Hood - Can be found HERE
Vacation Hood - Can be found HERE

I also want the NPCs.

The Sims 1 Base Game.
Maid -Comes with TS2 - Unlockable outfit
Gardner -Comes with TS2 - Unlockable outfit
Police man/woman -Comes with TS2 - Unlockable outfit
Fireman -Comes with TS2 - Unlockable outfit
Bus Driver -Comes with TS2 - Unlockable outfit

Livin' Large
Genie - Can be found HERE
Santa Clause -Comes with TS2 - Unlockable outfit
Tragic Clown -Comes with TS2 as the Social Bunny - Unlockable outfit
- TS1 version - ?
Grim Reaper -Comes with TS2 - Unlockable outfit
Servo - Comes with OFB - Unlockable outfit

House Party
Caterer -Comes with OFB (kinda) - Unlockable outfit
Mime - ? Face comes with TS2
Drew Carey - ?
Dancing Bear -?

Hot Date
Mrs. Crumplebottom - Comes with NL

Marky Sharky - Can be found HERE
Yetti - Can be found HERE
Archie Archer - ?
Hotel Staff - Comes with BonVoyage - Unlockable outfits

Pet Trainer -Comes with Pets - Unlockable outfit?
Trolley Driver -Comes with TS2 as Cab Driver - Unlockable outfit

Makin' Magic
I did not have this EP so I don't know what NPCs came with it.

Super Star
Butler - ? GL Clothes?
I did not have this EP so I don't know what NPCs came with it.

If I am forgetting any, please let me know.

Bella Goth (Original TS1 Mesh converted into TS2!) - Can be found HERE
Super Star dress - Can be found HERE
One piece Bella Goth dress (Just like in TS1) - Can be found HERE
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Cartoon Sims website is now open!

Date Posted: 3rd Dec 2007 at 11:50 PM

Cartoon Sims

Cartoon Sims is now open and you can download our custom content for The Sims 2.

Our Sims are based off of cartoon characters and other funny looking movie characters.

So far, The SpongeBob SimPands and The Grim Advenutres Of Billy And Mandy pages have mo downloads, but there are pictures of what they look like. Those downloads will be added soon. (The site was just opened on Sat)

Some downloads from MickeyMouse254 will be added soon.

Comment here and on our guestbook and tell us what you think.

Note: Some pictures (Mainly in the Disney section) are blurry due to the file type. This will be fixed soon and higher quality pictures will be added.

So The Disney Princess clothes and hair DO have good textures. You just can't tell.

Comming soon I'll tell you how to possibly get your downloads on our site.
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Pearls Before Swine Sims Comming Soon!

Date Posted: 13th Oct 2007 at 7:15 AM

I decided to Sim the characters from my favorite comic, Pearls Before Swine.

When completed, I will have; Rat, Pig, Zebra, The Crocs, Goat, Duck, Danny Donkey, and Veeshus cat for sure. If I think of any more that I think are possible to Sim, I'll try them.

If you haven't heard of P.B.S., here are many of the comics with a new one every day.

Here are some of my favorites.

Comics and Pearls Before Swine characters by Steven Pastis. Not by me.
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Cartoon Sims website update

Date Posted: 24th Sep 2007 at 4:41 AM

The site is online, but not open yet.
I believe most (if not all) pictures are up.
I need to upload all of the sims, lots, and clothes to the server.
I also need to download the sims and lots from MickeyMouse254.

Mu Internet has been really slow lately, so I haven't been able to more than a MB at a time.

Hopefully, I'll be able to take my laptop to the library and get online there to upload/download.

Here is what is going to be on the site when it first opens:
SpongeBob SimPants and Bikini Bottom by me and MickeyMouse254
Mickey Mouse and pals by MickeyMouse254
The emperor's new groove main cast by me
Courage the cowardly dog, Muriel, and Eustace by me
The wizard of OZ main cast by me
The Grim adventure of Billy and Mandy main cast by me
Shrek main cast by me
Star Wars ailens by me
And more!
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SpongeBob Project? Coming Back?

Date Posted: 11th Sep 2007 at 4:45 AM

Yes! MickeyMouse254 has agreed to help me with the project!
BUT I'm NOT going to upload it here. I'm starting a site for my cartoon Sims and my weird and wacky Sims called, Cartoon Sims. :P

It will hopefully be open within the next few months.

More updates coming soon!
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Star Wars CAS screens

Date Posted: 22nd Jul 2007 at 7:22 PM

Ok, I just learned how to make the CAS objects disappear!
This means I can now make CAS screens!

I made one of Jabba's palace. I uploaded it the other day and I got a message saying I had to change one thing in the post so it should be approved soon.

Next, I'll have the interior of a starship. If you notice, in the original trilogy, the insides of the rebel ships have that white plastic look. That's what this one will look like.

Then I'll have Cloud City from Bespin.
If I'm lucky, you will look in a large window (the OFB ones) to create your sim who is inside.
The place where the family waits is going to be on a balcony outside.

After that I'll have the council room in the Jedi temple.

I want to have at least one CAS from each movie. Does anyone have any ideas?

The Spongebob project is taking a break. There will be more of Bikini Bottom later!
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More Spongebob comming! And a realy good idea!

Date Posted: 4th Jul 2007 at 5:00 AM

Comming VERY soon are Squidward, Squilliam, Patrick, Mr. Krab's House, and The Bikini Bottom houses that you see in the background of the show.

Also, I didn't think it could be done, but Mrs. Puff is almost done. I need to work on her skin tone and hat.

For every "creature" (Starfish, squid, pufferfish, fish) that I make, I'm making one in the oppisite gender to go along with it.

Here is an idea I have.
I made a new negihborhood (Bikini Bottom).
I'm going to make a lot of Starfish, squids, and fish familys.
I'm not going to move them in.
I'll go in SimPE and use the Sim Surdgery tool to make all of the NPCs and Townies sea animals. I'll use boolprop testingcheatsenabled true to get the hidden clothing for NPCs.

this way, I won't have a bunch of humans walking around "underwater". LOL

This is a good Idea for Medieval, Sci-Fi, Coloniel, Indian, etc, towns.

Sandy... Still working on her... Dang makeup...
I need to make custom walls/floors for the Krusty Krab.
The same goes for the Chum Bucket.
The Tree Dome is starting to come togeather. You may see it soon.
Spongebob.... is a mystery... He will be released LAST. I want to spend as much time as possible on him to make him perfect.... Plus... I want to torture you guys... HeHe

Well, That's all for now.

Check my profile often to see new addtions and journal entries.


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