Happy Holidays!

Date Posted: 16th Dec 2007 at 7:50 PM

I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!

May good fortune rule over you,
Peace live in your heart,
And the stars guide your way.

We have an exciting new portal page over at SterlingSims2.com. It has a photo gallery of a selection of our best assets from both Sterling Sims2 Design and the Creator's Forum which is and clickable with links to the asset. It is, however only a small portion of what's available at Sterlingsims2 site and forums! Here's the direct link:


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Date Posted: 9th Dec 2007 at 8:19 PM

I have to say that it seems there's a bit of inconsistency in the methods of "approval" for uploads here at MTS2. My latest rugs were rejected due to not having in-game shots included with the upload but I was told with my first rug uploads that DID have in-game shots of my rugs that I shouldn't upload pictures with anything but the rugs in them. When I corrected that (at additional waste of time in my personal life), they were approved. So, even though I have 2 other uploads of rugs without in-game shots, they were approved by staff; this latest one wasn't. Go figure...
I know this type of inconsistency isn't limited to my uploads and hopefully the staff will have a little pow-wow on how to correct this sort of thing. The people who upload here have other things to do with their time than get a "virtual" jerk around by staff. There are enough "rules" as far as uploading here goes and I'm happy to abide by them; I don't, however, think people's time should be wasted with inconsistencies in how they are applied. As stated in my previous entry, these rugs can now be found at the Creator's Forum; no hard feelings, but I don't have time to redo all the pictures.
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Hello Everyone!

Date Posted: 29th Nov 2007 at 11:10 PM

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I have just uploaded some new rugs here that are part of a collection from the Creator's Forum. I'm still waiting for approval so in the meantime you can get the full 34-rug collection of both Traditional and Modern at:


These rugs really look great in the game! have fun! Skye
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Date Posted: 21st Nov 2007 at 8:33 AM

Here's to a great, fun, no-guilt Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday and a restful weekend.

All is great at SterlingSims2 and the Creator's Forum. We have recently added quite a few new downloads and if you like my creations you'll LOVE the artists at the Creator's Forum and at SterlingSims2.com. You can find them at http://www.sterlingsims2.com. We also have a "Let it Snow" starter contest at the Creator's forum that is open to anyone in the community. If you are so inclined to join our main forum, The SIMposium, check out our "12 Days of Xmas Contest". Both contests are a blast!

Most of my creations are at Sterlingsims2.com main site but my most recent can be found at the Creator's Forum. See above link...

My friend and partner at the Creator's Forum, Tatiana Dokuchic, has an amazing entry in the Fairytale contest here; check it and all of her amazing creations out on her MTS2 page here:


and also on her mini-forum at the Creator's Forum:

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Hi to Everyone!

Date Posted: 16th Nov 2007 at 8:53 AM

Just a short note to say hi and welcome to my journal. I'll be adding on here very soon!
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